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Digital Music Distribution Sale! Save up to 30%! 🎉

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Release madness extended

Digital Music Distribution Sale! Save up to 30%! 🎉

Release madness is here – and everything must go! To help you get all your releases out the door, we’ve created 3 specially-priced packages based on successful release strategies used by our Artist and Label Managers.

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Specially-priced packages

The EP Builder Release Madness iMusician

The EP Builder - Get 2 singles and 1 EP for 30% off

The EP Builder is an easy way to build up momentum for the release of an EP over three months. Simply release one single a month for two months and then in the third month, drop the full EP.

The Spotify Special Release Madness iMusician

The Spotify Special - Get 12 singles for 30% off

The Spotify Special is the perfect package to boost your playlist potential over the course of a year. Release a track a month and stay top of mind all year long. You can also pitch press and grow your fan base every single month.

(Note: This package includes all 200+ stores and platforms, not just Spotify)

The Label Release Madness iMusician

The Label - Get 20% off Pro Unlimited!

If you’re releasing music for multiple artists, The Label gives you unlimited releases via our Pro Unlimited subscription for one great price so you can find the right strategy to fit each artist’s needs. Act today and save 20% off the regular price.

How it works

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Choose the right package for you

Our Artist & Label Managers designed these packages specifically to help you easily plan your release strategy, get your music online, build your fan base globally, and make money.

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Buy now and save

Buy now and you’ll get these proven strategies at a discounted rate. Simply purchase the pack that works for you, and you’ll see promo credit in your account instantly.

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Release when you’re ready

This credit will last forever, so you can release your music whenever you’re ready. Plus, if you change your mind, you can use the promo credit towards other purchases on our platform.

How to build a successful release strategy

Not sure where to start? Here are three release timelines to help each release reach its full potential. In fact, these are the same strategies used by the majors — and we use them every day to help DIY artists and independent labels get the results they want.

If you want to learn more, check out this article on proven release strategies.

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Release Madness!

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