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Release of the week: "Pra Vó Lili" by Igor Souza

  • 19 November 2021, Friday
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Release of the week Igor Souza

In his first single distributed with iMusician, the artist Igor Souza shows his talent and presents “Pra Vó Lili”, a single that brings choro and a lot of Brazilianness in a song full of emotion.

To put it into context, choro, also popularly called chorinho, is one of the most original styles of music, mainly instrumental, whose origins date back to the 19th century. Created in Rio de Janeiro, choro gained a strong expression, becoming a symbol of Brazilian culture and recognized for its excellence and refinement. Despite its name (that means "cry"), the genre tends to have a fast, upbeat rhythm. It is characterized by virtuosity, improvisation and subtle modulations, in addition to being full of syncopation and counterpoints.

How did your relationship with music start?

I started playing the guitar at the age of six, but in a very unpretentious way, it was more of a hobby. Although I don't have any musicians in the family, I always had enough support from people close to me to improve myself.

When I turned nine, my father enrolled me in a music school, where I learned to play better the guitar and also the ukulele. It was there that I started to develop a greater interest in samba, choro and MPB. Then I went to other institutions, where I learned the seven-string guitar, singing, harmony and other areas that helped me to have an overview of the musical process. Today I'm finishing my degree in music at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

How do you classify your music?

I always like to play with different genres of music, but most of my experience is with samba and choro.

Choro is where I develop my works, including a series of compositions that I hope to start releasing soon. In samba, in addition to work in the productions of friends and colleagues, I also get involved with samba-enredo, participating actively in Portela since 2019 (Portela is one of the biggest samba academies in Brazil, which parades in carnivals annually. The samba-enredos are the long compositions that accompany the parade of each academy, generally responsible for telling the stories that surround the theme presented).

Artwork Pra Vo Lili

What is the story behind the release ‘Pra Vó Lili’?

After I initiated my degree in music, I started to venture out and compose more, making bigger arrangements like plucked string orchestras. In 2019, my family received some news that left everyone very shaken: my grandmother discovered a very serious health problem, already at an advanced stage, which made treatment difficult. My way of dealing with the situation was through music. I started to create the melody, and it was born in a very light way, very naturally. This year, my grandmother turns 90 with the news that her illness has been cured. With the support of a great friend, Wellington Monteiro, I recorded the song and was immensely happy to see the result. Releasing “Pra Vó Lili” is a tribute to such a dear person and a celebration of overcoming difficulties and of life.

I would also like to take the opportunity and thank the others involved in the process: Wellington Monteiro from Estúdio WM who produced the single, Dizzy do Pandeiro who was responsible for the tambourine, Josias Nunes who played the flute, Pedro Cantalice who made the video -clip and Volney Tolentino responsible for the artwork.

As an independent musician, what are your difficulties and challenges?

In my case, who am relatively new to the music industry, each day is a new learning experience. The production and release process involves many steps and details and can be very challenging. Usually, independent musicians find themselves dealing with things that go beyond their art: solving bureaucracies, thinking about the promotion strategy, generating content for social media, etc. These are functions that, in the case of a big artist, would be developed by several people, but in the case of independent artists, need to be planned and carried out by themselves. Relying on good partners is essential in this process, and I am very happy with iMusician which, in addition to distribution, also produces many guides and informative content to help us.

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