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Gearhunt at SuperBooth – ROLAND'S BOUTIQUE RANGE

  • Paloma
  • 13 June 2018, Wednesday
Roland Cover 2

Picture credits: BENDEG

In our time at SuperBooth, we had the chance to speak to some of the leading manufacturers of the electronic music industry and especially for you, we asked for some advice on which gear to use in order to get started integrating synthesisers into your music.

We entered the Roland room, a wide blue-tinted room with all of Roland's products there to be played with. We resisted our relentless desire to touch everything and began chatting with one of Roland's representatives for you.Superbooth Roland Boutique Range

iMusician : Hi, what's your name, and what do you do here?Nick: My name is Nick and I am here with Roland at SuperBooth because it is a community we are deeply involved in. As most people know, Roland has a long history of supporting electronic musical artists.

iM: What makes SuperBooth special for you?N: It is a very genuine community of really enthusiastic nerds. I mean nerds in the beautiful sense of the word. Very intelligent people who truly are into musical instruments. There are a lot of people here who have travelled around the world to come and talk about things they are really passionate about – that's why we are here too. We come every year to see our friends and make new ones.

iM: Can you introduce us to some instruments you would recommend for upcomers?N: We've got a lot of instruments here. But for starters, I'd recommend the Boutique range. They are modern remakes of our classic instruments.

Here, for example, we have the remake of the Jupiter 06, which is turned into the JU-06 or The SH-101 which has been remade into the SH-01.

What we have basically done is remake those classics into affordable and compact instruments.Nowadays the originals are very hard to get, very expensive and not so reliable.So with the Boutique Range, we are giving people the opportunity to play those much-loved instruments.

The Jupiter 8, for example, if you manage to find it second-hand is about €8000. In the Boutique format, it costs €499. Thanks to that, now a lot of musicians can have access to these great sounds.

iM: What makes these classics so special?N: They are instruments which, when they originally came out, changed the face of music. They're very sought after; they're rare and very precious to people. A lot of the iconic albums in the 80s featured these sounds and they’ve really defined a generation. They remained very popular with the new generation.

One of the main focus of SuperBooth is what we call modular synthesisers. Modular synthesisers are those weird instruments with all the cables sticking out; you might have seen them somewhere. They are a type of synthesiser which mainly exists in the physical form (but also in the virtual form as Jan from Native Instruments will show us next week) and consists of separate modules with different specific aim.

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