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iMusician Show 01: Music Release Strategies, Spotify X Shopify & Louise Mambell

  • 17 January 2022, Monday
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The iMusician Show is a bi-weekly breakdown of the latest music industry news, updates on iMusician's products and services, and everything that is relevant for independent artists & labels. Presented by iMusician team members, the iMusician Show is here to help you navigate the music industry and succeed as a musician.

Video Transcription

Hello I’m Nick. I’m here at the iMusician office, I’m drinking an Astra Urtyp beer, it’s delicious.

Happy new year and welcome to 2022! To kick the year off we are going to give you a rundown of three proven release strategies to help you get the most out of your releases when you distribute your music. We’re gonna give you a rundown of how to release your music online. Basically, a step-by-step checklist. We’re gonna walk you through the new Spotify x Shopify collaboration that’s making it easier for artists to sell merch through the Spotify platform and finally we’re going to introduce you to one of our iMusician artists from our community.

If you like this video, give it a thumbs up and also subscribe to our channel because we are going to release way more videos than just this one. They’re all going to be relevant for you as an independent artist because they’re all covering topics around the music business like music promotion and anything you might be interested in and need to know.

Sounds good. Great. Yeah.

Spotify X Shopify Partnership

The first thing we want to talk about today is a new collaboration between Spotify and Shopify.

Shopify, some of you might already know it, is an e-commerce platform that allows users to start their own online shop. If you, as a musician, have an online store ready to go, you now have the chance to also integrate that store within Spotify. Spotify then displays three of your items on your artist profile. That feature is available for all artists out there but only listeners in the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia are going to be able to see your items from Shopify at this point. *

As some of you might know Spotify already had a collaboration going with Merchbar where you could already display your merch on your Spotify profile that collaboration is going to be intact still. And your merch from your Merchbar account should still be visible in your Spotify account.

3 Proven Release Strategies

As we kick off the new year it's time for you to get your releases ready and put a strategy together so that your releases can be successful. We put together an article a little while ago about three proven release strategies that we've seen work within our community and beyond. The way artists release music today is much different than in the past. Artists used to release one single before the release, maybe four to six months in advance, and then one single around the release of the album. Nowadays you see artists releasing single after single after single. As it allows them to pitch every release to curators and put a promotional cycle around every single that they release. With music being fully digital these days, there's no longer the need for pressing, printing, or shipping any albums out to your consumers. At the same time the internet now gives consumers 24/7 access to millions of things and millions of songs all vying for the same amount of attention. Whether you put out a single or a nine track album, you only get one chance to impress per release. All of this combined with the way that fans consume music today is the reason why you see many musicians releasing single after single after single because it not only allows them to buy for more attention, it allows them to increase the amount of promotion they have behind their eventual album release. Instead of an album dropping all at once, it now comes out in pieces and the final product ends up being a compilation of the previously released tracks.

And if you want to know more about those different release strategies that we us and obviously also our artists and label managers put together for independent artists like you, please check out the link in the description below because that will lead you to the blog article which is uh giving you way more details than we can obviously sum up in this video. But with those you will be good to go to put together your own release strategy.

Music Release Timline (Infographic)

We have another piece of content that will help you plan your release strategy or how to release your music throughout the year and that is our release timeline or release infographic as we call it

That infographic helps you plan your release schedule throughout the year step by step before, while and after releasing your music. It obviously starts with getting your release ready then it moves on to how to build your own EPK, how to promote your music and how to pitch to playlist curators and how to get your music video and your merchant order. In the next step of the page, you're gonna see the different skill levels. For you to know which steps you're supposed to take depending on what level in your career you're at we developed a tagging system so you can tell which of the steps are for beginners intermediate and pros. And then we're getting to the most important part of the page: the actual infographic or the timeline. In this infographic, we've mapped out the major milestones and the tasks that you have to take within your release journey. From creating your album artwork to building your press list for a PR to booking your release tour and shooting your music video. Our infographic is gonna lead you through the whole journey step by step. And again, just watch out for the experience level tags that we added to each one of the steps so you know which steps you should follow as a beginner, in intermediate or pro.

If you want to know more about the timeline and about all the steps that it takes to successfully release music including touring and merch check out the infographic on our website the link is in the description below

Artist Spotlight: Louise Mambell

This week, we want to introduce you to French singer songwriter, Louise Mumbell who is a member of our iMusician artist community.

Louise has been charging under the french music scene since her appearance on The Voice last year. Having grown up in the Middle East, her songwriting covers both English and French and she draws influence from the powerful pop voices of today like Lord and Adele. She's released two singles lately which is a great example of that Spotify strategy we were talking about earlier about releasing single after single and as an independent artist just in her short time she's been able to find success not only through her appearance on The Voice but through creative marketing strategies on her youtube channel and the release of her singles on Spotify.

We've had her latest single “Like a Devil” on repeat here at the iMusician office and we decided to catch up with Louise this past month to learn more about her creative process and feature her in our artist spotlight.

So yes, we really recommend you go check out Louise's latest songs they're really awesome and we do have them on repeat here at the office. Links are in the description below as are the links to our application form for artist of the month and success story because if you are an iMusician artist if you are releasing with us you also have the chance to be featured on our blog and the only thing you have to do is follow the link to our forum to apply for artist of the month and release of the week and then you will reach our editorial team you just have to enter a bit of information about yourself a short bio and share your latest releases and then you have a chance to get featured with your latest release on our blog.

Again subscribe to our channel if you haven't already we have so much more content coming your way. In the next couple weeks we'll be covering topics like Beatport, Blockchain NFTs and how to promote your music online so be sure to stay tuned and we'll see you next time.

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