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Interview with MN.JA - The Future is Female

Jasmin Morgner MN.JA

Jasmin Morgner, also known as MN.JA, is a singer, song-writer and electronic music artist based in Berlin, Germany. She describes her music as pure, deep and passionate.

In response to Underplayed, a new documentary on gender and ethic equality issues in EDM premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, iMusician gets Jasmin's opinion of current existing issues in the electronic music circuit. She tells us her personal journey and the challenges she has faced as a woman in the industry and how we could imagine a more diverse future generation of electronic music artists.

Kútus feat. MN.JA - Mantra

Could you introduce us to yourself and your music?

My roots are in the classic field, having sung opera and took part in international competitions with a concert choir.

I never lost my passion for singing. It’s deeply anchored inside of myself, the need to express what I see and feel, to perform on stages and transfer something good to the audience.

It has always been my dream to put down my heart-felt messages on a CD (tears back). So I have been starting to co-produce music because, to channel emotions and touch people whilst being free.

At the moment I follow 2 projects.
In my solo Project, which I would describe as alternative singer songwriter, I write music and lyrics myself. I play guitar, ukulele and try basic chords on the piano. My first release: ”PANIC” came out in May. More songs have to be recorded but are down. My next concert will be on 18th September in Cafe Neuer Hain (Fhain Volkspark).

My second project is the LIVEACT: MN.JA (Kútus feat. MN.JA) In which I write lyrics and melody for the voice on top of the productions made by (organic meets electronic downtempo beats). In our latest Release on Serafin Audio Imprint I had a big impact in the mixing process either.
In our LIVE Performance I play a bit of melodica and ukulele and sing (even improvise cause I just love to flow in the moment and people love to the true emotional being).
We preformed on a few festivals online and presence this year. More shows will follow.

Sometimes I collaborate with other artists, like “Ouhana” or “Common Ancestor” for a Release or Live Performance.

Recently I started to play tunes on record box to study how to put a DJ-Set together. I want to play my own set singing self written live vocals on top.

I am a proud volunteer of Songs of Substance with Jocelyn B. Smith because it is the perfect time to bestow the right values into future generations.

I have many interests in realizing musical and creative projects: hosting events, connecting artist and hosting a workshop (Tomorrow I am going to give one called “movement liberation through the intuitive connection of the voice/breath and body”).

What is you favorite events you played?

Blue Monkey festival because it was a conscious festival in which the audience really interacted and looked into our eyes without having drunk etc.
very emotional.

What is your creative process like? Where do you draw inspiration?

Wow... many places and situations inspire me. I love passionate and true people that follow their dreams. That really inspires me. I heard that this happens to people to when I am true and passionate.

We should all start to be true ☺️

Jasmin Morgner MN.JA singing

In light of the documentary Underplayed, do you experience gender or ethnic inequality in the music industry? How?

I am not quiet sure what to say. I actually just talked about that with my friend today. I stopped following this musical path before my studies just because of that reason. Luckily I am back.

What do you think is the source of gender and ethnic inequality in the electronic music circuit? How do we tackle changing it?

More women have to show themselves, speak up, interact, produce, perform, create, host events etc. We can all create wonderful things, and we are all powerful.

We need education. Let’s start there to change it.

In the industry, who has guided you and your music? How have they supported you?

Jocelyn B. Smith and Andreas from the label “Amselcom.“ Those are only two names.

We shared intense moments of creation together: Rehearsing, writing, performing. With Jocelyn, I am in Songs of substance, we had a livestream talk with Deva Primal And we gave singing lessons to Girls from Columbia in the National Federation (Batuta). I receive a lot when being part in this project. My music is a reflection of it too.

The feedback touched my heart. That’s the point when I just live to continue what I do.

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