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Spotify Best Practices : How to pimp your Spotify Artist profile in 6 Steps (Part 1)

  • 21 April 2017, Friday

Getting your music on Spotify through a digital distributor (like iMusician) can allow your fans to listen to your music and follow you on the most important streaming platform worldwide. However even with over 50 million subscribers globally, this is only half of the job.

In order to promote your music and make it more “visible” to your fans (and potential new fans), you should take care of your Spotify profile like a shop front where everything must be meticulously selected.

Here are 6 steps to help you to pimp your Spotify profile :

1. Request Spotify Artist Profile

First of all, if you don’t have a personal Spotify account yet, you have to create one. Then you can request your artist profile here.NB: we recommend you not to link your Spotify account to your private Facebook profile, it's better to create a separate one especially for your music project.

2. Profile Pic + Cover Pic

Keep in mind that your visuals should reflect your identity, and similarly to your artwork, the profile and cover pics are part of your artistic branding.


3. Bio

Now you can have direct access to your biography. Feel free to share some anecdotes and links to your official website.

4. Concerts

Another great option that Spotify offers to artist is to synchronise your shows on your artist profile. For that, you need to have a Songkick profile to feature tour dates on your artist page. Nearby shows will also be recommended to your followers and frequent listeners via the Spotify app!

If you don't have your dates listed on Songkick, go to Tourbox to manage your shows.

5.  Merchandising

Even though Spotify is a digital platform, you can still take the opportunity to sell physical vinyls or T-shirts in your Merch section. You can sell your merchandising directly to your fans through Merchbar. Once your merch is listed, top products automatically populate your Spotify artist page for fans to browse and buy.

6. Certification

Finally, the precious “blue check mark” is no longer hard to get! Currently, you only need to successfully sign up to Spotify for Artists. Having 250 followers or completing application forms are no longer required. So don't wait and sign up HERE!

BONUS: Links to social media and photo gallery

Good news: It's now possible to add links to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts on your artist profile! You can also add a selection of pictures in the "Gallery" section.

Next week, we’ll see how to get your music into Spotify playlists!


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