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Spotify Wrapped 2021

  • 01 December 2021, Wednesday
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Spotify Wrapped iMusician 2021

Since December 2016, every year Spotify has launched a campaign called Spotify Wrapped where users and artists can view and share a compilation of their data about their activity on the platform in the current year. It’s out now!

As a user/listener you can see your top artists, your top songs, your top genre and the time you spent listening to music in the app.

You’ll get a personalized playlist with your favorite tracks directly in your recommended playlists in your app.

Spotify wrapped user top artists top songs top genre

As an artist, you will get your total number of streams, the number of hours fans listened to your music, the number of listeners, and in how many countries. You can find it on your Spotify For Artists dashboard.

Spotify Wrapped Elm Tree Circle

Spotify Wrapped is shared on social media on a large scale worldwide which is a great free marketing strategy for the shop but also a great moment for artists to share how they performed on the Spotify platform.

If you’re new to the Spotify community, we’ve been talking a lot about it over the years and you can learn all about it in our Spotify resources.

According to Spotify on Twitter, fans will start to get links to the merch of their top artists.

On the other side, some artists are against Spotify Wrapped and will remind their fellow artists not to share it as they view the campaign as beneficial for only Spotify and its business as opposed to simply sharing love and promotion for artists on the platform. (Source: CDM)

Even if it’s a good marketing strategy for Spotify, you still earned those streams and it’s a perfect time to say thanks to your fans for listening to you over the years. Keep in mind it is also important to highlight your Deezer data, Bandcamp stats, sales of your vinyl, CDs, and/or tapes, the views on your music videos, or how many shows you’ve played this year (if you were lucky enough with the current pandemic situation).

The end of a year is a great time to send some love to your fans no matter the quantity or the data.

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