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(Gay, queer, femmes) how working in a music collective can be beneficial to your car…

You’re an upcoming artist? Gaining exposure and break through the music industry can be tough when you don’t know where to start. Although having an online visibility such as provided by social media is the core of your PR, options are wide and it can get easily overwhelming. Before signing a deal with a record label, you might want to spread your work on a community basis, especially if you’re already part of a queer or LGBT community.

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YouTube for Musicians: 7 Tips to Boost Your Online Visibility

Since February 2018, YouTube has been tightening its financial rules. It's now necessary to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of viewing in 12 months and more than 10000 views on your channel in order to enable ads and monetise the videos on your channel.

It is, therefore, more essential than ever to build a solid strategy for your output in order to increase two essential factors: your number of subscribers and watch time.

To help with this, we asked Guillaume from Musical Marketing for his 7 tips on boosting your YouTube channel.

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