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Chapter 3: What Is Spotify For Artists?


Spotify for Artists is an app created so artists and managers can access and personalize artist pages on Spotify, offering the possibility to create a profile that reflects the aesthetics of the artist and allows the user to analyze a deep pool of stats. In this chapter, we’ll dive into how to set up your Spotify Artists profile to be best in class.


Spotify for Artists is an essential tool for musicians. Think of your artist page like a business card: a way you can stand out from the crowd. Create a page that reflects who you are as an artist and maximizes the impact of all the page’s features. This will help encourage your potential fans’ interest in you and your music.

Besides helping you stand out, Spotify for Artists offers plenty of listening data which allows you to understand your demographics and statistics, offering you precious insights for future promotion. Knowing where in the world your music is performing best will become invaluable when planning a tour. Getting insights into your most-streamed tracks can help decide on your next single or even the next track you should shoot a video for. Deep listener demographics can be used for ad targeting. And last but not least, being able to submit your music to Spotify’s playlists is an amazing opportunity to get your music heard, and grow your fanbase.


Spotify has made the process for claiming your artist profile pretty simple. First, you’ll need to have your own Spotify profile. Then, you have to tell them which artist profile is yours. To do that, you’ll need to find it, simply open Spotify’s platform and look for the artist page affiliated to your release.

Once you find it, click on the three dots to the right of “Follow”, then click on “Share”, and then “Copy Artist Link”.

Spotify Guide Spotify Copy Artist Link
Spotify Guide Spotify Claim Your Profile 1

Once that is done, head over to the Spotify for Artists webpage and click on "Claim Your Profile”.

Follow the instructions and paste your freshly copied link into the box shown below:

Spotify Guide Spotify What Profile Are You Claiming 1

There you go, your access has been requested! With your request now sent, Spotify will verify whether the profile truly belongs to you. Once access is granted by Spotify, you become a “verified artist”, meaning that your profile gets a blue verification check mark and you or your manager can now make use of the following features:

1. Profile personalization

  • Biography
  • Profile image and banner
  • Listing upcoming gigs
  • Artist’s playlists
  • Artist’s picks
  • Selling merch
  • Add your social media links

2. Stats

  • Real-time stream counts
  • Demographics and territories performance

3. Playlist submission directly to Spotify’s editorial team

If you haven’t released music yet, but you have a release coming up, you can still claim your profile. You’ll need to send us your music at least a month before your planned release date and email us to let us know you want to claim your Spotify profile. Once we deliver your music to Spotify, we can send you the URI so you can then claim your profile. Just let us know at least a month before the release date.

Top tip: We recommend you bookmark this link Spotify For Artists as it will become your new go-to page. It’s packed with tons of articles on the music business written by top artists and the Spotify editors. Another good page to follow is the iMusician blog ;). We update it with articles and how-tos for musicians and labels of all levels.

If your profile is mixed up with another artist on Spotify, do not worry! Just fill out this form or send an email to with the following information and we will sort this out for you:

URL of the wrong artist pageURL of the correct artist (if you don't have one yet we can request a new one for you)URL of the release


Now that you’ve claimed your profile, you’ll want to make it reflect you. Let’s run through the basics of setting up your Spotify for Artists profile. We’ll start with your artist images:

Before choosing your profile images, make sure they follow these guidelines:

1. The avatar: This is the small image paired with your music when navigating the platform or shown at the top left corner of your artist profile. Avatar images must be at least 750px x 750px.

2. The header image or banner: This is the cover image that appears at the top of your artist profile (note that it is only displayed in the desktop app and web player). Header images must be at least 2660px x 1140px, but preferably 6000px x 4000px.

3. The image gallery: This is a set of images that can be found in the “About” section of your artist profile. Up to 125 images can be uploaded here.

Some important additional guidelines: :

  1. All images must be in the following file formats: JPEG, PNG, or GIF. Images must not exceed 20 MB
  2. It is advised that the images show your face in the center.

Images must not:

  1. Contain any infringing or offensive materials.
  2. Contain writing, brand advertising, or busy backgrounds.
  3. Promote your upcoming tour or album release.
  4. Images must comply with Spotify’s copyright policy.

Once your images are ready, log in to Spotify for Artists and follow the steps to add them to your profile:

Avatar and Banner:

  1. Click on the “Profile” tab at the top of your dashboard.
  2. Click on the pencil at the top right corner of the banner, then click on update to change your banner or avatar.
  3. You can now add your image.

Image gallery:

  1. Click on the “Profile” tab at the top of your dashboard.
  2. Click on the “About” tab under your artist name.
  3. Click on the “About” tab under your artist name Then click on the “+” tab in the Image Gallery section.


Now it’s time to make your profile shine!

Adding your avatar and banner picture to your profile is the bare minimum you need to get going — but if you really want to use Spotify for Artists to its fullest, you’ll need to follow a few best practices.

1. Images: A picture says a thousand words — so tell a story about yourself with several images in your gallery.

2. About: Tell fans about yourself, your past, and your vision for the future. This doesn’t mean you should tell your whole life story — only 1500 characters are allowed. Once again, your text should not violate Spotify’s guidelines with the use of hate speech, plagiarism, or discrimination.

3. Artist Playlists: Playlists are the backbone of Spotify. They’re also a great way to connect with fans. You shouldn’t just be trying to get on them, you should also be creating your own — this is all part of creating a strong playlist strategy. Check out Chapter 4.9 where we will be discussing this subject further

4. Artist’s Pick: This is the perfect place to showcase what’s going on in your world: A new release, another musical project, upcoming shows, a playlist you’ve created, a podcast you were featured in, or something from your back catalog. You can also add a background image to make it really stand out. Your Artist’s Pick lasts for 14 days — so be sure to update it frequently.

Here you can also check your stats. Some important data points to track are your monthly listeners, the playlists you’re featured on, sources of streams, and your track saves.


Your artist page, releases, and tracks are all affiliated to a URI. This is a special short link that allows you to link directly to the Spotify app. You can share these on social media.

How to get your artist page URI:

  1. Head over to your Spotify artist page.
  2. Click on the three dots next to the “Play” and “Follow” buttons.
  3. Click on “Share” and then “Copy Spotify URI”.
Spotify Guide Spotify Copy Artist URI 1

How to get your Album URI:

  1. Head over to Spotify and search for your release.
  2. Click on the three dots under your release’s title.
  3. Click on “Share” and “Copy Spotify URI”.
Spotify Guide Spotify Copy Track URI 1

How to get your track’s URI:

  1. Head over to Spotify and search for your release.
  2. Scroll down to the track and hover over it with your mouse.
  3. The three dots will then appear, click on them.
  4. Click on “Share” and “Copy Spotify URI”.


Spotify Canvas is an 8-second video you can add to your Spotify tracks. This short video, only available on the mobile app, will appear in the “Now Playing” view while the track is being played, instead of the static album art. It’s a fun way to engage with your fans by sharing a visual representation of your music.

Although originally offered only to artists with large followings or high play counts, in October 2020, Spotify released this feature to a wider audience, which Spotify calls the 'Spotify for Artists most active artists'.


As of December 2020, Spotify rolled out Canvas to their most active artists.

To add a Canvas video to Spotify, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Spotify for Artists account,
  2. Click on “Music” to go to your track library
  3. Select a track
  4. Click on “Add Canvas”
  5. Upload your 8-second video
  6. You cover art will be replaced with a video inside the mobile app
Screenshot Spotify for Artists Button Canvas

There are three formats of Canvas videos on Spotify :

  • The Continuous Loop: without a defined beginning or end
  • The Hard Cut Loop: a slightly more edited format
  • Rebound: a loop that is played before being replayed in the opposite direction.

If you’ve got a music video, you can simply recut it to one of these three styles, just make sure it fits these dimensions:

  • Vertical 9:16 ratio
  • At least 720px tall
  • 3-8 seconds long
  • An MP4 or JPG file
Spotify canvas video specifications

You’ll also want to avoid the following:

  • Don’t synchronise the video with the lyrics
  • Don’t add the song name or artist name, as this information already appears on the application.

Instead, let the images speak for themselves and try to tell a story.


According to Spotify, adding a canvas video can help you get more saves, streams and shares.

With a canvas video on Spotify, on average, artists see:

  • Tracks shares by an average of 145% (compared to control group)
  • Adds to user playlists by 20%
  • Increase in streams by 5%
  • Increase in saves by 1.4%
  • Increase in visits to your artist profile page by 9%

Sounds like a great way to help you connect with fans and share your artistic vision.

Spotify canvas loop video example


With Spotify, the name you sign-up with is the name that shows on your account. For many folks, this name is the same as their Facebook name. The problem is that when you share playlists on your Artist Profile, it links back to your personal profile. Because Spotify won’t let you change your personal profile name, if you want to keep your Facebook private, you may want to consider creating a new Spotify account with the same profile name as your artist name.

For example, if your Facebook profile name is Jane Doe and your artist name is Superstar Musician, you might want to create a new personal account with the name Superstar Musician, so that fans don’t find your personal Facebook page.

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