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How to choose my Release Bundles?

When you purchase our specially-priced release bundles, you can save up to 15% off the price of buying them individually.


This strategy gives you the opportunity to get 2 singles and an EP for a discounted price. 

The EP Builder is a great way to build up playlist, blog and fan momentum as you get ready for the release of an EP. To match the lead time required for print publications, you send the EP to magazines three months ahead of the release. While you’re waiting, you then release a single a month for the two months before, and on the third month you release the EP with all three tracks.

By the time it comes out, you will have 3 chances to get playlisted and three chances for PR to online publications.


With this strategy, you get 12 singles for a discounted price.

Because only one track per release can be submitted to Spotify for playlist consideration, many artists only release singles. This keeps you on the top of the playlists and top of mind all year round. It’s also a great way to build your fanbase. Just be sure to submit to the Spotify editors a minimum of two weeks ahead of release day. (Note: This package includes all 200+ stores and platforms, not just Spotify). 


This bundle gives you 6 singles, 3 EPs, and an album for a discounted price. 

A new take on a classic strategy. Traditionally, bands would work their way up to a full album. By using the momentum building power of the EP Builder combined with the monthly release of the Spotify Special, you get the best of both worlds to prime your album for the perfect release in less than a year. Don’t forget to create a PR, pitching, and promotion strategy for each single release to build the album’s story over time.


All your releases, everywhere, anytime. Save 15% when you purchase 2 years of our Pro Unlimited plan. 

You’ll also receive complimentary marketing tools, including a promo player and pre-order for each release, plus phone support from our Artist and Label Managers to answer any questions you have. And, for labels still selling only physical products, this deeply discounted version of our popular unlimited plan is a great way to release your whole catalogue to all the main online stores and streaming platforms, as well as local and genre-specific specialty shops to grow your artists’ fans around the world digitally. 


You also have the option to purchase the following promo credits packages: 

  • M: 100 Promo-credits
  • L: 400 Promo-credits
  • XL: 1000 Promo-credits

There's no limit to the packages you can buy. Your promo credits never expire, and you can use them for any purchase on our platform, excluding partner services.