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How to distribute a compilation

If your release has more than 3 main artists listed on the release, then it will be considered as a compilatio by the streaming and download shops. 
If the compilation includes songs you don’t own the licenses or the master rights yet, you need to properly license these songs from the owner of the recordings, in most cases this is the label that originally released the song. 
If your compilation contains cover songs, please read “How to distribute a cover, edits, remixes, mashups" article first and indicate that the track is a cover song. 
In the “Release details” section, start by ticking the "Compilation (has more than 3 main artists)" box.
Very important: in the “Tracks details” section you must fill in the original publisher(s) in the “Publisher details” field and the original composer(s) and lyricist(s) in “Contributors” field.