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*New* The Easiest Way to Release Music 🎵

Get Your Music Heard Now!
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How to upload a release?

Hit Start a release from your dashboard:

1. Delivery

1. Select the plan that meets all your needs

2. Keep track of the cost in the top right corner

3. Select your genre

a. If you’d like to get even more specific, select a subgenre

4. Select the streaming and download shops you would like us to deliver to

5. Select your digital release date

a. If you want to pitch a track to the Official Spotify Playlist, hit the “Spotify pitching” toggle. Our release date picker will then show you the possible dates that give you enough time to get your release in front of the Spotify editors

6. Select the countries you would like us to deliver to

When you’re done, move to the next step by clicking “Release”.

2. Release

1. Release details

a. Add the name of your release

b. Add the recording copyright owner

2. Add the artist name

a. You will be asked to confirm whether the artist already has an artist profile on Spotify and/or Apple Music. If you select “No” we will create a new profile for them.

3. Choose between a free or premium label

a. A free label is formatted like this: iMD-[Your label name]

b. A premium label is fully customizable

4. Optional release details (not mandatory)

a. Add a release version (e.g. Radio Edit) if applicable

b. If your release was previously distributed on streaming & download platforms  and you already have a barcode, you can add it here

c. Add a catalog number if applicable

5. Upload your own artwork from your computer, or create one with our artwork creator

When you’re done, move to the next step by clicking “Tracks”.

3. Tracks

Add 1 or more tracks to your project. You can either

1. Hit “Import” to upload an audio file from your computer

2. Hit “Create” to start by adding your track metadata

3. Hit “Include from library” to select a previously uploaded or released track from your track library (This will be handy as you have to fill in the metadata only once for each track.

When you’re done, move to the next step by clicking “Next”

4. Extra Features

On the last tab you can give your release details a final check and select some add-ons and promo tools from our suite of extra features before hitting send.

When you are happy, hit “Next” and finalize your order.

If you selected YouTube Content ID you will be automatically forwarded to the Content ID setup page to select the tracks you would like to monetize.