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The "Spotify Special"

The "Spotify Special" 

Because only one track per release can be submitted to Spotify for playlist consideration, many artists only release singles. This keeps you on the top of the playlists and top of mind all year round. It’s also a great way to build your fanbase. Just be sure to submit to the Spotify editors a minimum of two weeks ahead of release day. (Note: This package includes all 200+ stores and platforms, not just Spotify).

How it works

As shown on our pricing page, with our Regular plan you can buy a single for € 19*. 
  • With the release bundles, you can buy a package of promo credits worth € 228* (price of 12 singles with Regular) but you'll only pay € 204.99*.

Likewise, with our standard Rockstar plan you can buy a single for € 39*. 

  • With the release bundles, you can buy a package of promo credits worth € 468* (price of 12 singles with Rockstar) but you'll only pay € 410.99*.

This strategy gives you the opportunity to release 12 singles and submit each track to the Spotify editors. You just have to choose your tariff plan between Regular or Rockstar.

Do I need to release straight away?
NO. You can use your promo credits when your release is ready. Promo credits don't expire and will never disappear from your account: if you change your mind, you can use them towards other purchases on our platform, excluding partner services.
Can I just buy 1 single/EP/album at a discounted price?
NO. We are not just trying to discount our packages, we are walking you through a successful strategy used every day by our Artist & Label managers!

*The release bundles prices might vary depending on the region. Check the dashboard of your iMusician account for exact price saving in your region.

*Please notice: 

  • you can't buy promo credits with promo credits
  • you can't combine vouchers with the promo
  • you can't purchase third party products
  • there's no affiliate discount or revenue on promo credits packages