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What are Artist Hub and Artist Hub Pro, and how can I order them?

1. What are Artist Hub Free and Artist Hub Pro? 

2. How can I order Artist Hub Free or Artist Hub Pro?

1. What are Artist Hub Free and Artist Hub Pro? 

Artist Hub is a free shareable smartlink to lead your fans to their favorite platforms. You can share this link on your socials, blogs, promotional emails, giving your fans access to the platform of their choice to listen to your release.

Please note: with the free version, you can’t modify the shop list (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music and Deezer) nor the order of the shops. Want more flexibility and customization? Easy. Just order Artist Hub Pro!

Artist Hub Pro is the premium version of Artist Hub Free. The smartlink will be upgraded to a fully customizable artist mini-site, including tailored purchase/streaming links to global music platforms, a bio, tour page, and a downloadable electronic press kit (EPK).

2. How can I order Artist Hub Free or Artist Hub Pro?

You have 2 different ways to order Artist Hub Free or Artist Hub Pro:

  • During the creation of your release: 

At the 4th step (“Extra features”), you will see a preview of your Artist Hub. You will have to choose if you want an Artist Hub Free, an Artist Hub Pro or no Artist Hub:

Note: If you choose Artist Hub Pro, you will be able to customize it immediately, even before the release date. To do so, as soon as your release is finalized and paid, you will be able to open it from the release library and click on ‘Edit Artist Hub Pro’.

Your Artist Hub Free or your Artist Hub Pro will be generated and the links to the shops will be added on the release day (might be up to 2 days after the release day, if some links are not available right away).

If you selected “Artist Hub Free” or “Not interested” and changed your mind afterwards, don’t worry, you can still order an Artist Hub (Pro or Free) when your release is “In Delivery” or “Delivered”.

To do so: 

  • From the release page, click on “Upgrade to Artist Hub Pro”:

  • You will be able to customize and order your Artist Hub Pro:

  • If you want to order the free and non-customizable version of Artist Hub, tick the box “free” and confirm:

After a few hours, the link to your Artist Hub (Free or Pro) will appear on the release page, in your iMusician dashboard. We will also send it to you by email.

Please note: You can't currently customize the url of the Artist Hub (Pro or Free).