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What label can I use for my release?

The creation of the label offered by iMusician has no legal value. It's just the name of the label that will appear on online stores in place of iMusician Digital. When you upload a release on our platform you can decide to publish it with:

- a free label, which will look like [iM-LABELNAME]; you can create only one free label and use it for all your releases.

- a Premium label, which will look like [LABELNAME]; you can create multiple Premium labels.

The creation of a Premium label entails a one-time fee for releases published with Starter and Regular plans, while it is included with Rockstar and for those who purchase the Pro Unlimited annual subscription.

In both cases, free and Premium, these labels are saved in our systems and you can select them from the drop-down menu for each release. You will not have to pay again for a Premium label that you previously created.