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iMusician Show 20 || 3 New Platforms for Musicians... And Elon's Twitter

  • Sue & Nick
  • 08 noviembre 2022, martes
  • 11:01 minutes
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The iMusician Show is a bi-weekly breakdown of the latest music industry news, updates on iMusician's products and services, and everything that is relevant for independent artists & labels.

In this week’s episode, Nick and Sue discuss the launch of StemDrop, a new tool from TikTok, Universal Records, and Samsung, as well as the mobile payment service CashApp funding artist projects through their new initiative Cash App Studios. They'll dive into the blockchain-powered streaming service Audius, look at the current changes at Twitter (hey Elon Musk), and are joined by rising French R&B/neo-soul artists Kiara Jones for an interview to round out our 20th episode of the show!

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