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iMusician Show 01 || Music Release Strategies, Spotify X Shopify & Louise Mambell

  • Sue & Nick
  • 10 gennaio 2022, lunedì
  • 7 minutes
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In our first episode we talk about a new collaboration between Spotify and ecommerce platform Shopify. Artists are now able to link their Shopify stores with their Spotify profiles, choosing three items to feature on their artist profile

We also take a deeper look at how the industry has changed, and we’ll share three tested release strategies our Artist & Label Relations Managers use to successfully release new music in today’s market. To help you plan your next release, we sat down with our team to create a detailed timeline to help you know what to do every step of the way — before, while and after uploading your music on to streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music. From when to create your album art, to building your press list for PR, booking your release tour, shooting a music video, or getting your merch ready, it’s all in our practical infographic timeline. Plus, we’ve even mapped out a few release strategies if you want to build momentum and release an EP or Album, or just want to see your streams grow on Spotify.

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