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How to Upload Music to Juno Download

Let's take a look at how to get your music on Juno Download as an independent artist. From key facts about the platform to technical requirements you should be aware of.

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Why is Juno Download Important for Musicians?

Over the years, Juno Download has become one of the three go-to places for selling and promoting electronic and dance music. Not only that the store is said to have now the largest catalog of music of such genres online, it operates in 22 countries across the globe, including most European countries, USA and New Zealand.

Apart from providing a platform for musicians to release and sell their music through the store, Juno Download is also considerably supportive in terms of promotion. Each week, their editorial team selects top releases from the Juno Download catalog and schedules various promotional activities for each release. This way, musicians can have their titles promoted on homepage banners or genre page banners or receive a placement in the newsletter. Additionally, the releases may also end up being talked about in the Juno Podcasts, be featured in the company’s DJ charts, or be advertised through the stores’ social media networks.

How Do I Get My Music on Juno Download?

Follow these 5 steps to sell your music on Juno Download.

Start a release with iMusician

Create your release and select Juno Download in the shop selection

Upload your files with iMusician

Be sure to upload your music files in WAV format, and your artwork with the dimensions 3000 x 3000 pixels.

Add contributors to your release with iMusician

Be sure to include the first and last names of all contributors.

QA Team iMusician check

Our QA team will contact you directly if anything needs to be corrected.

What is Juno Download?

Juno was established as a physical store selling electronic and dance music and equipment in London, in 1996, and has been actively operating there to this day. Throughout the years, the company has built a reputation as one of the most extensive sources for both new and back catalog dance music and DJ and studio instruments. As of today, the physical Juno store lists more than 500 brand new releases every week and offers over 450,000 titles in stock.

As the greatest dance music download store, Juno Download was founded in 2006. Focused particularly on the international DJ music scene, and thus on dance and electronic music, the digital store supplies more than 5,000 new orders each week across the whole world. Additionally, customers can choose to download from more than 5 million mp3, wav, and aac titles in its catalog.

iMusician Doesn't Stop at Juno Download

iMusician allows you to add your music to the widest range of stores worldwide, including electronic music stores like Beatport, Traxsource, and Juno Download. We’ve got you covered.


How Can We Help You?

You cannot upload your music directly to Juno Download. You need a digital music distributor, such as iMusician. Select any of iMusicians budget-friendly distribution subscription plans and we'll get your music to the platform.

As Juno Download is one of the biggest platforms for electronic music, it's giving you the opportunity to reach millions of active users to listen and download your music all over the world.

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