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Share Earnings Easily

Rev up your collaborative projects with iMusician's Revenue Splits. Designed for the freedom-loving artist in you, Revenue Splits streamline the process of dividing music earnings among collaborators, ensuring that everyone involved receives their fair share. Subscribe now and take control of your music royalties!

Simplify Your Royalty Management

Automate Your Royalty Calculations

Leave the number crunching behind! With iMusician's Revenue Splits, there’s no need for manual royalty calculations. No more fussing with calculators or questioning the accuracy of royalty shares.

See Every Dollar Earned

Stay in the know by easily tracking your collaborators' monthly earnings, ensuring complete transparency in revenue sharing. Dive deeper into your financial journey as you explore the past with historical insights and previous royalty split reviews.

Collaborate With Ease

Embrace creative freedom by adding or removing collaborators whenever you like. It's your creative journey, and you can adapt your team's composition without constraints.

Control Your Earnings

You've got the reins – all earnings stay safe and sound in your account, offering you full financial flexibility. You decide whether it's time to cash in, or if you want to cover those studio bills and production costs first. Your music, your money, your terms!

Enjoy Zero Fees

With iMusician, no fees or commissions will nibble at your Revenue Splits or payouts. You're in charge of your earnings, free from any sneaky deductions.

Get AMPLIFY+ Today!

Subscribe or upgrade now and take control of your music royalties!

Enjoy seamless royalty management, transparent earnings, and total creative freedom with iMusician's Revenue Splits, available exclusively with our AMPLIFY+ plan.

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Revenue Splits allow iMusician artists on an AMPLIFY+ plan to divide music earnings among collaborators, such as labels, producers, and featuring artists. It's a transparent way to share royalties and ensure everyone gets their fair share.

It's super simple:

  1. Set splits for new or existing releases

  2. iMusician collects your revenue

  3. Check sales statements monthly to see everyone's earnings

  4. Request payouts whenever you're ready

Absolutely, you can split royalties with individuals who haven't signed up with iMusician. No need for them to create an iMusician account. Simply include their names when configuring your Revenue Splits, and when you're good to go, request payouts at your convenience. As the primary account holder, you have full autonomy over the funds. Plus, you can add additional payout accounts, such as bank accounts or PayPal, directly in your iMusician account, making it even easier to pay your collaborators.