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Forever Online Digital Music Distribution

Worldwide. Forever. Period.

Leave a legacy as the artist you want to be with iMusician's forever online digital music distribution. Get the widest range of streaming and download services on the market. Sell, manage and monetize your music online — on your own terms. Simple, transparent, and truly unlimited!

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How Does Music Distribution Work?

Release your songs easily in 3 simple steps. Pay once and have your music in stores forever. No withholding taxes. Full transparency.


Upload Your Tracks

Upload your music within minutes with our super simple music upload form.


We Send Them to the Stores

We send your digital release to the widest range of streaming and download platforms on the market. From majors like Spotify to genre-specific platforms like Beatport, and local stores like AWA, Resso or Anghami.

Get paid

Get Paid

Take a look at your streaming analytics and collect your royalties. No minimum payouts, no withholding taxes, and multiple payout options make it easy to get paid while keeping things transparent.



How Can We Help You With Music Distribution?

Digital music distribution makes music available to the public via online download and streaming platforms and stores. Traditionally, distribution happens through record labels and the deals they make with various music outlets. However, the digital age has radically transformed this model, allowing artists to distribute their music independently without the need for a record label through digital music distributors.

Digital music distributors, such as iMusician, are companies that help you distribute your music to the widest range of online stores and platforms worldwide such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Beatport.

Yes, to put your music on download or streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, you will need to work with a digital music distributor.

To put your music on download or streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, you will need a digital distributor which is why it won't be free. If you want to put your music on the internet for free, you can turn to platforms like YouTube or Bandcamp.

iMusician allows you to sell your music on the widest range of streaming and download platforms worldwide, including electronic music shops like Beatport, Traxsource, and Juno Download. You can select the ones on which you want to sell your music according to the geographical location of your audience or your musical genre.

To sell your music online, simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a free iMusician account.
  2. Upload your music and choose the streaming and download platforms on which you want to distribute your music.
  3. Our Quality Assurance team will verify that your audio files, cover art, and metadata are compliant with the rules of the digital platforms and online stores.
  4. We distribute your release.

With other online music distribution platforms that charge annual recurring fees to keep your music online and additional charges for essential add-ons, the cost of distribution grows exponentially over time. With iMusician, you only pay once to keep your music in stores forever. No annual fees. No takedown fees. Check out our pricing here.

Nowadays most of your revenue will come from streaming services.

The % of the commission depends on the subscription plan that you are on.

Learn more about earnings and royalties in our support center.

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Join our community of half a million independent artists and labels who trust iMusician to sell and monetize their music online.

Truly Unlimited.
Your music stays online forever. No yearly or monthly fee to keep your tracks in stores.

Your Music is Safe With Us.
We're Swiss! That means no withholding tax, and no minimum payouts. You own 100% of your music copyrights.

Discover Your Potential.
Use the power of data to find out where your listeners are with our Music Analytics tool.

Break Through the Noise.
Artist Hub helps you grow your fans, get more streams and reach your goals as an artist.

Reach Fans All Over The World.
Sell and monetize your music on the widest range of shops all over the world such as Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Amazon, Traxsource & more.

Get Playlisted.
Playlists are crucial for a successful career. Get your tracks on our lists, and increase your chances for editorial playlists.