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Digital Music Distribution

Sell your music online with iMusician and reach hundreds of international shops like iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Beatport and Spotify.

Digital Music Distribution

How it works

iMusician makes it easy to sell, manage, and monetize your music online globally.

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Upload your tracks

Our simplified design makes it easy to upload and release your music.

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We send them to the stores

From major platforms to genre-specific shops, high-res retailers and local stores around the globe, we’ve got you covered.

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Get paid

No minimum payout, no annual fees, and multiple payout options make it easy to get paid.

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Everything you need at a glance

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Why iMusician

Over 200,000 independent artists and labels trust iMusician to distribute their music. Here’s why.

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Upload and pay once, get cash forever

No annual fees to keep your music in stores. No annual renewal fees to get your cash.

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No minimum payouts

You keep every cent. No matter how much, you can withdraw your full balance each month.

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Everything to manage and track financials

Track sales, streams, and revenue with clear dashboards or dive deeper with spreadsheets.


We speak your language

Our international team offers quick support in English via email within 24 business hours.

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Make waves, globally

Reach hundreds of shops

It’s easy to get heard when your music’s in all the right places. From Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon, to Beatport and Traxsource, as well as hi-res retailers and popular regional shops, we’ve got you covered.

Labels we work with

From afrobeat to zydeco, and every genre in between, we work with hundreds of labels around the world to ensure their releases get placed in popular shops and platforms in their own country and beyond.


Expert tools to take you higher

iMusician Artist Pro

Promote with confidence

With a full suite of professional promotional tools used by major labels around the world, Artist Pro let's you turbo charge your release campaigns. From pre-orders on iTunes, "Save-It' now!" pages on Spotify to personalized promotional players and more.

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iMusician delivery options

Release tracks quickly

Act on opportunity, avoid waiting and get your music out there. Upgrade and choose faster delivery options, including Express (1-week) or Priority (48 working hours).

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1 / 5

"iMusician is a unique music distribution company that specializes in the kind of careful, conscious, hands-on involvement with the artists they distribute in a way that is uber rare in today's climate. In a saturated world where putting out independent music can be daunting and overwhelming; the young, hip, passionate, personable, and approachable music-marketing-guru iMusician staff make putting out music a career building adventure."

Danielle Duval

DLJ Artist Photo
2 / 5

"I had a few email exchanges with the French managers of iMusician who guided me through the first months for my releases. They gave me the necessary tools to succeed from the start and after some months, I quickly understood that it was possible to make a living from my music"


3 / 5

"Working with iMusician felt good for us right from the start, so we release our music exclusively through iMusician. We have a personal contact person who knows our music and requirements very well and who supports us professionally at all times."


the band Baba Shrimps in a field
4 / 5

"iMusician fits our dynamic release strategy, has a team of competent professionals and impresses with a reliable and transparent service."

Baba Shrimps

Odyssee in a record store
5 / 5

"It's important for me to know the people I'm working with, even more if they distribute my music. That's what I like with iMusician: the team is very friendly and their door is always open to help artists, receive feedback, and enhance their services."



Packages for you

Developed by our Artist and Label Managers, specially priced bundles, based on successful release strategies, give you extra momentum and the right exposure.

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Explore for free

Create a free account today and see why more than 200,000 independent artists and labels trust iMusician to sell and monetize their music online. No credit card required.

Reach fans all over the world

Free, quick, and easy set up

Personal support in English within 1 working day

Sell and stream your music on 200+ online shops, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Beatport, Deezer, Traxsource, and more

Pay only once per release, no recurring fee*

Release with our label for free (or create your own label)

Promote your release with a power suite of tools

*This does not include our Pro Unlimited subscription plan, which is billed annually.


How can we help you?

Digital music distribution makes music available to the public via online download and streaming platforms and stores. Traditionally, distribution happens through record labels and the deals they make with various music outlets. However, the digital age has radically transformed this model, allowing artists to distribute their music independently without the need for a record label through digital music distributors.

Digital music distributors, such as iMusician, are companies that help you distribute your music to a broad variety of online stores and platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Beatport.

Yes, to put your music on download or streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, you will need a digital music distributor.

To put your music on download or streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, you will need a digital distributor which is why it won't be free. If you want to put your music on the internet for free, you can turn to platforms like YouTube or Bandcamp.

iMusician allows you to sell your music on more than 200 streaming and download platforms worldwide, including electronic music shops like Beatport, Traxsource, and Juno Download. You can select the ones on which you want to sell your music according to the geographical location of your audience or your musical genre.

To sell your music online, simply follow these steps:

Create a free iMusician account.

Upload your music and choose the streaming and download platforms on which you want to distribute your music.

Our Quality Assurance team will verify that your audio files, cover art, and metadata are compliant with the rules of the digital platforms and online stores.

We distribute your release.

With other online music distributors who charge annual recurring fees and additional charges for essential add-ons, the cost of distribution grows exponentially over time. With iMusician, you only pay once to keep your music in stores forever. No annual fees. No takedown fees. Your first payment is your only payment and you keep 100% of your royalties.

Learn more about iMusician's budget-friendly distribution plans here and get started with your first release today.

Nowadays most of your revenue will come from streaming services. Here’s a quick explanation of the royalty system that most streaming services are using:

The % of the commission depends on the distribution plan that you select. If you select iMusician's Rockstar or Pro Unlimited Plans, iMusician's commission will be 0%.

Learn more about earnings and royalties in our support center.