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Im jazz playlist - Armel Dupas

i’M Jazz

Submit your music to our Jazz playlist and discover new, independent jazz artists from across the world.
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Worldwide rap playlist imusician

Worldwide Rap

New international hip hop bangers. Submit your track now to our Worldwide Rap Playlist and get heard on Spotify and Deezer.
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Everything Indie - Playlist iMusician

Everything Indie

Submit your music to our genre-blending Deezer and Spotify Indie playlist and discover unique, alternative Indie music from our DIY community and beyond.
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Baroque classics playlist artwork

Baroque Classics

Discover the enchanting world of Baroque music with our curated playlist. Immerse yourself in the essential works of Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, and more. Perfect for beginners, this playlist offers a captivating introduction to the melodies and harmonies of the Baroque period. Stream now and embark on a musical journey through the golden age of classical music.
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Baroque discoveries playlist

Baroque Discoveries

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Baroque music with "Baroque Discoveries: Hidden Gems of the Baroque Period" playlist on Spotify. Uncover rare and exquisite compositions by lesser-known Baroque composers. Experience the rich melodies, harmonies, and orchestrations that defined the Baroque era.
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Capital dance playlist cover

Capital Dance: Top 40 Hits

Get your groove on with the ultimate Capital Dance playlist featuring the top 40 hits, dancefloor bangers, high-energy upbeat tracks, and popular dance songs. Discover a world of electronic music, find new favorites, and let the music fuel your happy vibes. Stream this Spotify playlist now!
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NOSTALGIC ELECTRONICA Playlist Cover | Curated by Faux Tales

Cinematic Electronic Instrumentals by Faux Tales

Experience nostalgia and emotion with Faux Tales' cinematic playlist of independent electronic music. Lose yourself in each artist's story and be moved by the unique blend of sounds. Do you think your music would fit here? Submit it here for free!
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Classical Music Picks - iMusician Playlists

Classical Music Picks

Classical Music Playlist: Strong performances from contemporary musicians, and top-notch compositions from independent composers around the world in our classical music playlist – Classical Picks. Are you an independent classical artist? Send us your music!
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CRSSD Festival Playlist Cover

CRSSD Festival 2023 | Lineup

Discover the CRSSD Festival 2023 lineup with our Spotify playlist! Listen to the best electronic and dance music from the comfort of your home and get ready for the ultimate music experience at the Waterfront Park in San Diego.
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Der Schlagermeister - Playlist iMusician

Der Schlagermeister

Experience the diversity of the best Schlager in our exclusive Schlager playlist on Spotify, carefully curated by Jelfi. Submit your track and be part of the ultimate Schlager party.
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The New New German Wave Playlist | Curated by Jogger - iMusician

Die neue Neue Deutsche Welle

Are you an emerging artist in the world of the New German Wave? We're looking for the best tracks to feature in our unique playlist. Apply now and become part of our growing New German Wave community!
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Electromuses - Underground Women Electronic Playlist


Dive into the beats of ELECTROMUSES, a curated Spotify playlist spotlighting the diverse talent of women in electronic music. Submit your track and join the movement celebrating female electronic artists across genres. Explore the future of EDM with ELECTROMUSES today!
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