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Spotify Playlist Curators - Electronic Music Album Art

Top EDM & LoFi Spotify Playlist Curators For 2021

It's no secret that Spotify playlists have become one of the most important ways for artists to get discovered in today's electronic music landscape. However, with so many electronic artists now having the ability to submit to Spotify playlists via Spotify for Artists, it is becoming increasingly difficult for artists to cut through the noise and get noticed. This is where the role of the independent Spotify playlist curator comes in.

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Two hardcore guitar players on stage

Olivier (Alea Jacta Est, Useless Pride), A Metal Hardcore Story

If you don’t know him or his company, Olivier is the guitarist of the french hardcore metal band ALEA JACTA EST, he has co-founded USELESS PRIDE RECORDS and is mainly known for his printing merch company USELESS PRIDE MERCH. He distributes his label’s catalog with iMusician and we also recently teamed up with him to offer merchandise with a special opening deal for our community. We figured that there’s a lot to learn from the former “kid” who runs a successful company for 15+ years. Here’s his story.

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Deezer Guide for Artists & Labels

Deezer, launched in 2007, is a French online music streaming service much like Spotify, Apple Music, and Napster. It offers music catalogs from major labels such as Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Music. Deezer’s platform also shares and features indie artists and labels to their huge user base.

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Webinar on Spotify For Artists

In this webinar, we’ll show you the ins and outs of Spotify for Artists. From how to claim your profile to creating a release strategy, you’ll learn the foundation you need to grow your fan base and increase streams on Spotify. We’ll also share tips on how to submit your music to official and unofficial Spotify playlists, and show you how to build your own playlists to further your growth.

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