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Adi Kum - Baby Satan Records Artist Photo

Adi Kum & Baby Satan Records: Obstacles, opportunities, and tips on starting your o…

For many artists today, in order to make a living from their music they have to hustle and do a little (or a lot) of everything. This is especially true when it comes to leading your own record label, as evidenced by Berlin-based artist Adi Kum.

Adi is a musician, concert promoter, and co-founder of the female-led DIY record label Baby Satan Records, a label dedicated to putting power back in the hands of artists.

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DLJ Artist Photo

DLJ's journey: making a living online as an independent artist

How to make a living from your music? Among the questions that an independent musician can ask himself, this one is essential. And streaming makes it all the more delicate: the golden age of $20 CDs is over and many people wonder how Spotify's payment system can allow them to live.

But making a living from streaming is possible, as the journey of DLJ, a 25-year-old French lo-fi hip-hop composer and producer, shows. Since his debut album in 2017, he's racked up over 100 million streams across all platforms while setting up his own music label Retro Jungle Records in 2019, as well as a YouTube channel.

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