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A2D artist picture imusician
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I'm A2D an electronic producer. My first road was photography from silver to digital techniques. Then, I was rerouted to be a musical DIY artist creating with synths, DAW and various audio hardwares. Always passionate by sound experiences like the power of vocals on rythmics.
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Releases of the Week

Claudia Masika aritst picture

Claudia Masika

Claudia Masika is a multitalented Kenyan artist who brings the African sun into our hearts. Her grandmother recognized Claudia’s great talent and taught her the traditional songs of the Luo tribe.
Listen here
iMusician Release of the Week Spiegelkind

Release of the Week: Spiegelkind

Spiegelkind's latest single "La Noche" draws influence from '90s tech-house tracks but brings the sound to the present with his unique production style and sound. It's inevitable to be hypnotized by its hedonistic and nostalgic vibe.
Listen here
iMusician Release of the Week Alto

Release of the Week: Alto

At the heart of the new French pop scene, Alto shapes his own melancholic universe. This week we got him on the line to ask him some questions on the heels of his latest release "A quoi tu penses", a mysterious and romantic ballad.
Listen here
Photo lullabies

Release of the Week: Lullabies

Between pop and progressive rock, Strasbourg-based quartet Lullabies draws its influence from where everything seems to oppose. However, their music shows that there is only one step between melancholic lullaby and aggressive riff.
Listen here
Phenomden Artist Photo

Release of the Week: Phenomden

After living in Kingston, Jamaica from 2013 to 2018, where he produced a reggae EP with Jamaican reggae artists, genre-blending Swiss artist Phenomden discovered a way to further hone his craft.
Listen here
Rubén de Madame iMusician Release of the Week

Release of the Week: Rubén de Madame

In just two years, international electronic music composer Rubén de Madame has carved out a niche for himself by signing releases to labels all around Europe and features on prestigious electronic music blogs such as tech-house blog Blanc
Listen here
iMusician Release of the Week Roukimi

Release of the Week: Roukimi

Rising hip-hop/rap artist Roukimi is putting the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe on the map with his infectious flows, club-ready beats, and stylishly produced music videos.
Listen here
iMusician Release of the Week Erhalder

Release of the Week: Erhalder

Stefan Erhalder is a Basel, CH based sound engineer and musician, specialized in jacking Techno, Acid, and Classic Electro. He runs a YouTube Channel where he shares insights about his production techniques.
Listen here
iMusician Release of the Week Prs-One

Release of the Week: Prs-One

After releasing two albums in 2020, Belgian hip-hop artist Prs-One continues his prolific output with a bouncy, party-ready EP that is sure garner attention and new fans this Fall.
Listen here
iMusician Release of the Week SudOut

Release of the Week: SudOut

Influenced by the new-gen K-pop Koreans, SudOut hasextrapolated various musical techniques, merging with three essential principles - sarcasm, irony, storytelling - with which they address important social issues.
Listen here
iMusician Release of the Week - Midnight Peacemaker

Release of the Week: Midnight Peacemaker

Like multi monophonic streams of electric current pulsating through ivory teeth, tethered to a high voltage barrage of sound, Midnight Peacemaker teleports the eager and willing to a formidable phantasmagoria of trans-cerebral euphoria.
Listen here
Worries And Other Plants

Worries And Other Plants

Rising Swiss artist Worries And Other Plants continues to carve out his niche in the psych-rock world with his latest release 'Pieces'. The dreamy 5 song EP finds Dio honing his craft again with accessible, yet adventurous tunes that are just as suitable for a sunny day in the park as they are for a long road trip.
Listen here
iMusician Release of the Week - Settian

Release of the Week: Settian

This week we discovered Colombian artist Settian and his new song S.O.S, a musical portrait of the situation his home country of Colombia is going through, painted with rhymes and urban beats.
Listen here
iMusician Release of the Week - Alma

Release of the Week: Alma

From being discovered after posting her songs on YouTube, to performing on French TV, to representing France at the Eurovision song contest for her song 'Requiem', singer/songwriter Alma has found creative ways to climb the ladder as an independent artist.
Listen here
Olb Ave Bala album cover

Release of the Week: Olb

Olb is a project by Brazilian musician and producer Lucas Pimentel. His first release, Ave-Bala, precedes an EP being produced this year and seeks to explore new spaces and aesthetics for MPB.
Listen here
GLXY.P Release of the Week

Release of the Week: GLXY.P

GLXY.P explores her cross-cultural connections and captures her very own multi-dimensional sound through her music- reminiscent of the sounds of 90s R&B, soul, lover's rock, hip-hop, as well as trap music.
Listen here
Eduardo Urbano Francasso For Lovers album artwork

Release of the Week: Eduardo Urbano

Eduardo Urbano records and produces his music alone, in his own house. This week he tells us how he opted for a more minimalist format, different from the current music industry standard, for his release Fracasso for Lovers.
Listen here
Duersteben iMusician Release of the Week

Release of the Week: Dürerstuben

With their sonorous hip-hop beats and mix of funky synth-disco sounds, Berlin-based duo Dürerstuben have cultivated a unique vibe and sound that is spot on for our energy this week as our anticipation for Spring grows.
Listen here
Band photo of Satin Cali - Release of the Week

Release of the Week: Satin Cali

Hailing from Wollongong, NSW, the exciting four-piece band Satin Cali exhale a perfect blend of alternative and surf rock inspired by the passion and unrelenting attitude towards making great music they all live and breathe.
Listen here
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UNIVERS-ÎLS - iMusician Artist of the Month


UNIVERS-ÎLS' new album Voyager 2 is a collection of 5 songs blending french lyrics and prose with indie rock, ambient folk, and soulful electronic music. From the first few notes of the intro track, Voyager 2, the listener enters a very singular and unique universe. A voyage between french words, aerial guitar sounds, powerful synths, and delicate beats.

Artist of the Month (Nov. 2021): UNIVERS-ÎLS
iMusician Artist of the Month Lauraa


Rising artist, dancer, and choreographer of a rare temperament, Lauraa has been making waves in the R&B genre through her eye-catching music videos, pristine musical productions, and powerful voice. Furthermore, she has founded her own label Kabash Business Production, which strives for astonishment and extravagance in its releases and productions, specifically marked by Lauraa's signature genre "Dance All- Ragga".

Artist of the Month (October 2021): Lauraa
iMusician Artist of the Month Xavier Polycarpe

Xavier Polycarpe

As we continued to shine the spotlight on our community throughout 2021, we discovered countless artists who provided anthems and earworms for every season. One such artist was Xavier Polycarpe who provided us with a bubbly new summer jam 'Simple As Can Be' right on time as we entered August, a peak month of sunshine here in Europe.

Artist of the Month (August 2021): Xavier Polycarpe
Newmaj Press Photo on Balcony


Sam Judd, 21-year-old artist, activist and self-proclaimed work in progress, started Newmaj in 2019 on the back of a year traveling the world. His music, produced out of a cabin in the woods and inspired by late 20th-century protest songs, straddles a space between commercial pop and sincere indie-folk, often dipping into UK dance music for good measure.

Artist of the Month (June 2021): Newmaj
Ola Englund Artist Photo with guitar

Ola Englund

Swedish guitarist and producer Ola Englund is a multi-faceted creator, member of the bands The Haunted, and Feared, and gear guru with his YouTube channel, where he shares production tutorials, gear breakdowns, and music industry insight to a community of 600k+ subscribers.

Artist of the Month (May 2021): Ola Englund
iMusician Artist of the Month Golan Yosef

Golan Yosef

Dancer, choreographer, actor, songwriter, and musician, Golan Yosef is a multi-faceted creator and artist who weaves positivity, freedom, and often a touch of nostalgia into his singular folk-pop sound. His new EP 'Free' (out April 23) features 5 songs in English, French, and Hebrew, and draws influence from pop music from the ’60s to today, Hip Hop, R&B, as well as Spanish, French and African music he discovered while living abroad.

Artist of the Month (April 2021) - Golan Yosef
Artist of the Month - Cece June - Press Photo

Cece June

Born in Spain but based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Cece June is an independent singer-songwriter who strives to create songs for feelings one has yet to discover. Her new EP 'Pieces', created in the nostalgia of moving across the world, blends deep, sincere lyrics and modern pop production to create a unique sound that caught our ear this month.

Artist of the Month (March 2021) - Cece June
Kiara Jones press photo in yellow

Kiara Jones

Kiara Jones has made a name for herself with only a few songs, and in a short time become a key figure in the new French music scene. She invites us to start 2021 in an urban electro-pop universe with the release of her anticipated new single 'Never'.

Artist of the Month (Feb. 2021) - Kiara Jones
What Josephine Saw Band Photo in studio

What Josephine Saw

After 9 years of band history and four studio albums, "A Matter Of Time" is What Josephine Saw's last album. After the first three albums were studio productions, "A Matter Of Time" is a home production. With the album, they wanted to celebrate the farewell and the wonderful band history properly. So the new and last release doesn't feel like a funeral, but rather like a big closing party!

Artist of the Month (Jan. 2021) - What Josephine Saw
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