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Release of the Week: Modwheel

  • 12 June 2021, Saturday
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iMusician Release of the Week Modwheel

French indie band Modwheel caught our ear this week with their fresh infectious take on modern pop, cleverly blending acoustic and electronic elements. Inspired by the likes of Isaac Delusion, Jungle, and L'Impératrice, they deliver a tight, refined, and powerful sound. Dripping with melancholy, their melody-driven and synthy music surfs on a moody landscape, delivering the perfect vibe as we slip into the Summer months.

Discover this band on the rise in our conversation below as we got to know a bit more about their project, the inspirations behind their new single, and the importance of releasing music independently.

Modwheel Teardrops Album Artwork

Can you briefly introduce your project Modwheel?

Modwheel is a pop band based in the south of France, created by four musicians who met during their studies. Bonded together by their common tastes in music, they want to push forward their own blend of modern electronic pop.

What can you tell us about your inspirations and creative process for your new single "Teardrops"?

In the beginning, Gary, our guitarist, came up with a musical idea that developed into a full track. Mathilde wrote some lyrics about conjugal violence, and after a few weeks, we all grew deeply attached to this song. At the time we were all fond of a track called "The Sun", by french artist Myd, which had a great vibe.

So, to steer our track in that direction, we've put the track into the hands of our friend and producer Ludovic Llorca who polished the track and gave it the dance energy and synthy vibe we originally wanted. This is the series of events that led to the release of our first single "Teardrops", a catchy pop song that brings just the right amount of fresh air before the summer! The single is released with a colorful music video, directed by Kevin Froly, a good friend who gave the track the visual atmosphere we wanted.

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For you, what is the importance of releasing music independently?

As an indie-pop band, it's really important for us to release our music independently, as we feel it gives us some sort of freedom in the way our music goes out into the world, and we would like to keep this freedom for as long as possible. Furthermore, a lot of bands we love are independent too and that's why we decided to choose iMusician to release our music.

What are you working on right now / what projects await you in 2021?

Right now we are working on a four-track EP that should be released by the end of the year, probably with a new music video too! We are also working on our live set so we can play in local venues and some bigger festivals too :)

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