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Instant Mastering

Terms of Service Instant Mastering


This agreement applies to the current order of Instant Mastering and is an addition to the General Terms of Use of holding an iMusician account.


  • You: The rights holder or legal representative of the recordings (you do not have to be the original copyright creator).
  • We/us/our: iMusician Digital AG, Switzerland, and by extension, our technical service providers.
  • Instant Mastering: iMusician's online instant mastering service.
  • Partner/s: Technical service providers used by iMusician to provide instant mastering.
  • Closed mastering ecosystem: The ecosystem comprising of iMusician's technical ecosystem and our partner's ecosystem required to provide the service.

Guarantees & warranties

You guarantee that you have the legal right to alter the recordings you selected for Instant Mastering.
You indemnify iMusician from any wrongdoing in the case that your activities using iMusician's services infringe the rights of any 3rd party.

Service agreement

You agree to give us and our partners the limited rights to transfer, store, modify and create previews of your recordings in the course of providing the instant mastering service. However, at all times, you shall remain the owner of your audio, metadata, settings etc.

For avoidance of doubt, all previews and copies:

  • Are created in and will not leave our closed mastering ecosystem.
  • Cannot and will not be previewed by any individuals at iMusician or its partners without your explicit permission and/or in the case of debugging or testing.
  • All copies (including previews, pre-masters and post-masters) which are stored temporarily on our partners’ servers will be deleted after completion of the service.
    The final files will be available in your track library.

Fees & Payment

You will be charged a mastering fee in line with the pricing page at the completion of your mastering.

We reserve the right to add a payment fee for certain payment options or territories according to our General Terms of Use.


Once the mastering is accepted, the sale is final and we will not refund unless there are technical errors with your mastered files.

Fraudulent Activities

In the case of fraudulent activity, iMusician reserves the right to charge a penalty fee of 100 EUR per track as well as terminate your iMusician account without the right to any refund.