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Promote your releases like the pros! iMusician’s Artist Hub is more than a smartlink. It helps you grow your fans, get more streams and reach your career goals as an artist – no matter who you distribute your music with. It's the core of every music promo campaign for DIY artists like you.

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Choose the One That Fits Your Needs

With iMusician, you only pay for what you really need. Choose between Artist Hub Free, Artist Hub Pro and Artist Hub Pro+ to break through the noise.

Artist Hub Free

This music streaming link gives you the pro look and sends your fans directly to the top streaming & download platforms. A classic smartlink with a distinctive look that sets itself apart – 100% FREE.

Key features:

  • Pro-looking smartlink page

  • 100% free

Artist Hub Pro iMusician

Artist Hub Pro

Take your artist brand to the next level! More than just a normal smartlink, Artist Hub Pro is a full music promotion and marketing force: a fully customizable release page, electronic press kit and box office in one single link.

Key features:

  • Smartlink with all shops

  • Customizable pages (bio, tour dates, electronic press kit with downloadable high-res files)

Artist Hub Pro+

With Artist Hub Pro+ you ultimately unlock your promo potential, with zero branding and a pre-save page that turns into a fully customizable smartlink with EPK and tour dates.

Key features:

  • Pre-save page that automatically turns into a release page on release date

  • Fully customizable pages (bio, tour dates, electronic press kit with downloadable high-res files, pre-save)

  • No iMusician branding

iMusician’s Artist Hub Works for Every Artist

Already distributing your music with another company? We've got you covered! iMusician’s Artist Hub Free, Artist Hub Pro & Artist Hub Pro+ are available as add-ons for every artist wanting to take advantage of this professional smartlink and release promo page.

Online Forever And a Day, Always

We’re all about “online forever.” That’s why you don't need to maintain a subscription to retain access to your Artist Hub pages. Your Artist Hub smartlink will stay online forever and the URL will never change, even if you decide to downgrade to the free version at some point.


Artist Hub Free

Artist Hub Pro


Artist Hub Pro+

Look at This Beauty Called Artist Hub Pro+!

Artist Hub Pro+ is the one tool you need to put your new release in the perfect spotlight. See what’s possible and imagine what you can create for your own releases! Switch the toggle to the left to see what your pre-save page could look like!

On your release date the pre-save page automatically turns into a release page with all shops. The best part: the page link stays exactly the same!


Our Artist Hub Free release page is – surprise – free for all users.

If you would like to level up your release promo with bio, electronic press kit, tour dates, and pre-save pages, get one of our AMPLIFY subscription plans.

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  • Artist Hub Free
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Level up your music game with AMPLIFY+

per month
  • All shops incl. premium shops
  • 0% commission
  • Email support (1 working day)
  • Artist Hub Pro+
  • Music Analytics
  • Pre-save pages


How Can We Help You With Artist Hub?

The simple answer: anywhere. Artist Hub can be shared on the world’s major social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. If you’re reaching out to fans directly via promotional emails, you can include your Artist Hub there too. You can also share this link with bloggers, playlist editors, press and media sites — it’s up to you.

No embed code is needed: Artist Hub is a website in its own right so it does not require an embed code to be shared. All you have to do is share the link wherever you want fans, bloggers, or influencers to find your music.

Artist Hub is a free smartlink for all iMusician members and is automatically generated for all new releases. Artist Hub Pro and Artist Hub Pro+ (included in our AMPLIFY and AMPLIFY+ subscription plans) includes a wide range of customizable features: shop links, biography, tour section, hi-res background image, downloadable press kit, and more.

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Join our community of half a million independent artists and labels who trust iMusician to sell and monetize their music online.

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Your music stays online forever. No yearly or monthly fee to keep your tracks in stores.

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We're Swiss! That means no withholding tax, and no minimum payouts. You own 100% of your music copyrights.

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Use the power of data to find out where your listeners are with our Music Analytics tool.

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Artist Hub helps you grow your fans, get more streams and reach your goals as an artist.

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Switch your subscription to our free plan anytime, for as long as you need to.

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Sell and monetize your music on the widest range of shops all over the world such as Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Amazon, Traxsource & more.

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