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YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts – Everything You Need to Know

YouTube’s new short-form video platform, YouTube Shorts, is now live in the US. With more features and countries being added soon, this is an exciting opportunity for artists and musicians to share their music on a global, developing social network.

In this article, we’ll be diving deeper into why this platform is so important for musicians, and how iMusician can make sure your music is discovered by Shorts’ growing audience.

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A desktop with a Spotify Artist profile

Spotify Best Practices : How to pimp your Spotify Artist profile in 6 Steps (Part 1)

Getting your music on Spotify through a digital distributor (like iMusician) can allow your fans to listen to your music and follow you on the most important streaming platform worldwide. However even with over 50 million subscribers globally, this is only half of the job. In order to promote your music and make it more “visible” to your fans (and potential new fans), you should take care of your Spotify profile like a shop front where everything must be meticulously selected. Here are 6 steps to help you to pimp your Spotify profile :

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End of Year Music Distribution Deadlines - iMusician

End of Year Deadlines for Digital Music Distribution

The end of the year is coming. Are your releases ready? Not only are the last six weeks of the year the busiest time to release music, many shops and streaming platforms are closed or have limited support during the winter holidays. If you’ve got releases planned in December or early January, take a look at the deadlines and tips, below, to make sure your release plan goes, well, according to plan.

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