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Terms of Service & Licence Agreement - YouTube


This is an exclusive licensing agreement allowing us to monetize your recordings with Content ID and YouTube Music, and complements the General Terms of Use of holding an iMusician account. This agreement applies to the songs you are selecting for monetization in this bundle only, and we will create a new licence for every bundle you want to monetize. YouTube's regulations demand that there needs to be a parallel delivery YouTube Music for every recording that you'd like to deliver to YouTube Content ID.


  • You: The rights holder or legal representative of the recordings (you do not have to be the original copyright creator)
  • We: iMusician Digital AG, Switzerland
  • Content ID: Services which fingerprint audio recordings and detect the use of them in videos or social media
  • Title: one song or track

Guarantees & warranties

You guarantee that you have the legal right to administer the copyrights in the recording of this bundle.


This is an “open end” agreement which means you can decide for yourself when to end it and stop the monetization. See section Terminations on how to end the licence.

Terminating this licence results in a termination of the monetization. Either party can terminate this licence at anytime. Terminations can be made in writing (an email will suffice).

Exclusivity & transferability

This licence is transferable but exclusive for the monetization with Content ID of the recordings for all tracks in this bundle.

Earnings & commissions

As soon as we have received statements/income from Content ID services, your earnings and statement will be uploaded to your account. If a commission is applicable, we will deduct it before uploading your income.


Only recordings where you hold worldwide rights can be delivered to YouTube Content ID.

Quality control & questionable content

We reserve the right to modify your input based on best practices and industry style guides. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse monetization of your tracks based on the quality of audio or questionable content.

Questionable content includes things such as racist or politically sensitive lyrics or artwork, pornography etc.


A takedown of a recording from YouTube Music automatically initiates the takedown from YouTube Content ID. For avoidance of doubt: A takedown of a recording only from YouTube Content ID is possible.

Should you perform any actions that hinders iMusician from monetizing your recordings (such as disputing our claims, not taking down recordings from competitors while moving catalogues etc.) we also reserve the right to issue take downs without any notice.

Copyright infringement and fraudulent activity

We have strict policies when dealing with copyright infringement and fraudulent activities.

Copyright infringement includes but is not limited to:

  • Monetization of tracks for which you are not authorised to monetize.
  • Monetize recordings with uncleared samples.
  • Incorrect data but especially pertaining to copyright holders.

Fraudulent activity includes but is not limited to:

  • Fraudulent enrichment through artificially boosting streams or downloads.
  • Unauthorised use of tracks, artist names, trademarks and others which may give you a commercial advantage.
  • Deception through the creation of multiple iMusician accounts.

In the case where we have concluded that you have infringed any of these regulations, we reserve the right to:

  • Disclose your personal details to the relevant authorities dealing with the conflict/situation.
  • Freeze and/or close your iMusician account.
  • Freeze your income, force the surrender of income, or even demand repayment of incomes which have already been paid out for the offending titles or all your titles.
  • Take down the offending or even all your releases.
  • Forfeit your rights to refunds.
  • Charge you a penalty fee of up to 100 EUR per track involved in the copyright infringement or fraudulent activity.