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Release of the Week: Lullabies

  • 02 February 2022, Wednesday
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Photo lullabies

Between pop and progressive rock, Strasbourg-based quartet Lullabies draws its influence from where everything seems to oppose. However, their music shows that there is only one step between melancholic lullaby and aggressive riff.

Lullabies was born in 2011 under the impulse of Anthony (Vocals/Guitar) and Paul-François (Drums). Initially a trio, the band evolved its lineup in 2014, with the arrival of Paul (Guitar/Keyboards) and Quentin (Bass). After a series of concerts in 2015 and 2016, their first self-produced, self-titled EP was released in April 2017.

In September 2017, the track "Shelter", accompanied by its video, marked a change of direction, particularly in terms of composition as the group had found its style. And it is in this direction that the quartet, in parallel with the concerts, began to work on new tracks, which constitute their new EP, "Nothing More Than A Myth", set for release on March 11, 2022.

Can you tell us more about the story of "NS"?

For the anecdote, this song was initially considered for another project (more acoustic). But finally, after having played it a first time in rehearsal, we were so excited about it, that we decided to keep it and use it for the new EP. And the fact that we quickly agreed on the construction and the arrangement of the song only confirmed our choice.

"NS" is about the will to hold on to a situation, to want to fix it, while being fully aware that it is vain, and that it makes us suffer. The title may seem enigmatic, but the truth is that when we first recorded it, we named it "NS" for "New Single" (which expresses the excitement we had about it). We wanted to change it, but after writing the lyrics, we found a link, and other meanings, which we now leave free for everyone to interpret.

I see that you've released a very nice music video to illustrate "NS", what is your experience with YouTube? Is it an important platform for artists?

Thank you! This clip was directed by Laurent Khrâm Longvixay in the Vosges in France last autumn. For this piece, we wanted something very contemplative, especially to leave time to the image.

YouTube is the reference platform for any artist who wants to broadcast their clips and/or live sessions. It is important for the promotion and the diffusion of visual content which allows bands to add to their brand outside of their music. It's a tool that complements audio streaming platforms and further completes the portrait of the artists we identify with.

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This single is from an upcoming EP, can you tell us more about this project?

"Nothing More Than A Myth" is definitely the biggest project we've built together so far. We learned from the previous EP, consolidated what was already working, developed new things, and surrounded ourselves with great people. All this allowed us to finally release a quality product that we are proud of and that we can't wait to present to the public. With the release of this EP, we hope to create a new impetus and envisage many beautiful things for us moving forward.

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