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REIVEN: From Freestyling to Recording Albums & Topping the Charts

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Who is Reiven, the freestyle champion who is conquering the Italian rap scene?

From delivering punchlines and deadly answers, which demoralize his freestyle battle opponents, to conquering the studio with chart-topping tracks, Reiven has found a way to bridge the gap between freestyler and recording artist.

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9.137 Ascoltatori mensili

Tell us about who you are and your musical project?

I am an independent artist who has found support from professional management but before that by competent friends, that put me in a position to think only about the music.

My musical project is more a path that output after output is defining my artistic profile. I managed to make my way in the collective imagination as a freestyler, but I have always looked at this with a focus on music. I don't like to be labeled, I love giving an unstable point of reference to those who follow me. I don't like being labeled and when people make an artist fit within one genre or concept, it makes them a caricature of themselves. I have an introspective and mature trail and a hardcore and teenage trail that are shaping my artistic path, but I always want to feel in a position to be free to bring something else to the table musically speaking, if I feel like it of course.

Reiven Cyberpunx album artwork

You've moved from freestyling to producing EPs and tracks. Will this remain your route?

Yes, definitely. Freestyle is and will remain part of my background, something to which I undoubtedly owe a lot. My intention, however, is to focus on the music, on the songs, because they are the thing that makes me feel more fulfilled at this time and because unlike many colleagues I think I'm more inclined to write and compose rather than improvise. As for my path, freestyle has never taken away so much space from the songs, from the first day I started to approach rap I already had clear ideas about wanting to make records, the trick I think was to create a breakpoint between freestyle and my music, the intention from the beginning was to make music totally atypical of what would normally come from a freestyler.

Who are your reference points? What influences most your style - also in the visual part of the videos - and your lyrics?

I try to listen to as much music as I can and I believe that the point of reference should not be sought only in already established artists. I find reference points even in those who may be behind me in their artistic journey, and I focus more on what they can do better than I can. I love that mindset and think it makes a difference.

In general, my style is very much influenced by old Rock that I always find topical (Pink Floyd, Nirvana, The Doors) but also by symbolist poetry. And I would be hypocritical to hide the fact that the trends of the moment also influence me greatly, I try to keep up with the times while trying to bring content that is as much my own as possible.

What happens in my head is also a source of inspiration, I try to listen to myself, to understand what I like and what comes close to my way of being in the world, so that I can include it in the music and videos I create.

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What advice would you give to young artists who want to take your path?

The most trivial, I would advise you to believe in yourself and really do it. If you really believe you have the strength and courage to sacrifice a lot, even in terms of: outputs, relationships, and "a normal life", then do it. If you do not have the courage to do so then you do not believe enough.

What is your relationship with digital and streaming platforms?

Pretty airtight (lol)

What are your future plans?

I want to continue to make a lot of music, improve myself and become the best possible version of myself by focusing on making official music products that affirm and enforce my artistic intentions both musically and aesthetically.

Reiven Magia nera cover artwork
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