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Release of the Week: Le Dancing Pepa Swing Band

  • 25 February 2021, Thursday
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Le Dancing Pepa Swing Band press photo

Le Dancing Pepa have been fueling frantic swing dancers across Europe for a few years now. This week they released their new single Falling for You Like Snow with iMusician and it's a shame that it caught us after having one of the whitest winters in living memory. Still, there's this soft jazz candy for us to take refuge in during future storms.

We talk to the band, who unveil their latest single and tell us about their repercussion around the globe thanks to streaming platforms. They also reveal their plans for 2021.

Can you introduce us to your musical project?

We are Le Dancing Pepa Swing Band and we have been playing together for 8 years with the main goal of making people who like jazz dance.

During these years, we have been playing mainly for swing dancers in the most important festivals in Spain and the European continent. Nowadays, we are listened to all over the world although, due to the current situation of COVID, we are absolutely stopped as far as concerts are concerned. We are looking forward to all this to be able to return to the stage.

We differentiate ourselves by having some of our own songs, which are also having a great success of reproductions. Our arranger, pianist, singer and composer, Eduard Marquina, masterfully spins the right notes to make the songs sound with a unique swing.

What can you tell us about Falling for You Like Snow?

This song has a story. Over a year ago, Darrin Mazzilli wrote to us to shape his composition Falling for You Like Snow and transform it from a MIDI file into a Christmas hit song. Darrin has contacts with production companies and assured us that he will be able to sell the song for a commercial or movie because, according to him, the result is fantastic. So we'll wait for next season to see if we have any luck.

Le Dancing Pepa Swing Band Falling Like Snow Cover Art

Can you tell us a little bit about your journey on the streaming and download platforms?

We are very happy with the statistics of Spotify. Every month we increase exponentially the number of followers. In January, a total of 8,445 people played our songs: 2,000 in the United States, 1,700 in Germany, 610 in Spain? And among the top cities is our favorite, New Taipei, with 113.

On the other hand, the most listened to tracks are Eduard Marquina's own songs or his arrangements.

What projects await you in 2021?

This 2021 we are going to release a special EP for Balboa lovers. Not Rocky Balboa, but a type of swing dance that has this name and was born in Southern California. What characterizes Balboa music is that you need faster tempos; and this is why we have recorded a special EP, which will have the title Balboa Lovers. We are currently mixing it and soon we hope to have it on the platforms to share it. We are once again releasing songs composed by Eduard Marquina and we are eager to show them to all our fans. We would love to produce another EP, Dark Pepa, dedicated especially to blues lovers. Of course, although the situation with COVID is complicated, we are not going to stand still!

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