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Release of the Week: Spiegelkind

  • 28 February 2022, Monday
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iMusician Release of the Week Spiegelkind

Spiegelkind is the multidisciplinary project of Mexican visual artist and musician Arturo Chávez. Following a career in architectural design, Arturo passionately reunited with sound art, giving rise to a very interesting intersection between visual art and music through techno culture. His latest single "La Noche" draws influence from '90s tech-house tracks but brings the sound to the present with his unique production style and sound. It's inevitable to be hypnotized by its hedonistic and nostalgic vibe.

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Can you tell us who Spiegelkind is and introduce us to your musical project?

Just as in some cultures it is impossible to separate dance from music as two distinct things, sound and image for me arise from the same creative impulse. Spiegelkind is the vehicle in which I can pour my entire process as a multidisciplinary artist, creating textures that are seen as well as heard.

Can you tell us about the new single La Noche?

La Noche is an experiment that came from creating a house track full of classic and even cliché textures with the most unexpected digital tools. Unlike other works of mine, all the analog sound of the track is an illusion generated by computers.

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What projects do you have for 2022?

This year will be a year of releases. At the end of March a new EP, Close Your Eyes We're Ending, will be available, in which I recover electronic experiments mixed with funk rock. I also continue to make weekly streams and participate in compilations of different genres, from acid techno to noise.

What does it mean to you to be an independent artist nowadays?

Learning to learn everything from any front. You have to know how to discern between the right strategies to be seen and heard. But of course, it also means freeing creativity from the rigidity imposed by the prefabricated.

Spiegelkind Artist Photo

If you could change anything in the music industry, what would it be?

I am convinced that creative sparks and points of resistance are born from collaborations. It is necessary to strengthen and diversify the collectives of independent artists so that we can face the mega-publicized projects sponsored by large companies.

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