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Release of the Week: Lunatic Catz

  • 04 November 2021, Thursday
Lunatic Catz - Lanzamiento de la semana iMusician

Lunatic Catz is a bands that likes to do everything themselves. As an indie rock band from Cantabria, Spain, they have self-released two albums, an EP, and several singles. We present you their latest single this week. If you're a fan of indie-rock with American folk influence, you'll find yourself a fan of Lunatic Catz.

The members of the band were kind enough to answer this short interview:

Can you tell us something about the new single?

In 2021 we decided to make a qualitative leap and decided to go to Sierra Studios (Santoña) to record 'Estoy pensando en dejarlo'. The single was produced, recorded, and mixed by Alberto and Pablo Sierra, and mastered by Miguel Ángel González at BlackBox Mastering (Seville). It is a song that invites us to reflect and self-criticize, focusing on the impact of social networks and how appearances can sometimes play tricks on us. The video clip is by Alberto Ahumada, who has given the song an aesthetic that we like, and we think he has captured the message of the song well on the screen.

Lunatic Catz Captura album artwork

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience with Spotify and other streaming and download platforms?

We know that the reach on digital platforms is very important for the growth of a band nowadays, and we could prove that on one occasion when one of the singles of El intento de salvarse was included in the Rock Español playlist on Spotify. There we saw that the songs resonate with the audience when they are part of an effective playlist. Through iMusician we were always well taken care of, you made things simple and clear, and when a problem arose it was quickly solved.

What are your plans for the next months?

At the moment the band is focused on composing songs because we plan to release our next album soon. This summer we could play some gigs and get rid of the live music fever because in 2020 we could only play one concert in Colindres before the pandemic.

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