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Artist of the Month (Feb. 2021) - Kiara Jones

  • 28 January 2021, Thursday
Artist of the Month - February 2021 - Kiara Jones

Kiara Jones has made a name for herself with only a few songs, and in a short time become a key figure in the new French music scene. She invites us to start 2021 in an urban electro-pop universe with the release of her anticipated new single 'Never'.

The young artist stands out for her originality and artistic acuity. Author, composer, performer, musician, her music is reaching an increasingly large audience, which goes beyond the borders of her native home of France.

Kiara Jones - Never

Following the success of her debut EP Black Garden, Jones has confirmed her avant-garde artistic personality as the French singer-songwriter wanders through various universes ranging from jazz to electro-pop, RnB to neo-soul. To kick off 2021, Jones' just released her newest single "Never".

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