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Release of the Week: Montecarlo Reggae

  • 12 January 2022, Wednesday
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iMusician Release of the Week - Montecarlo Reggae

Montecarlo Reggae was created back in 2007 by Venezuelan musician Gabriel Nava, when he started experimenting with genres such as R&B, soul, reggae, and hip-hop. Residing in Chile since 2018, he has since performed at various live events and collaborated with artists from various countries. After a series of releases distributed by iMusician, he now brings us Ellos, a politically tinged R&B anthem.

Can you tell us about the new single Ellos?

The lyrics for 'Ellos' are based on the social situation that has been experienced during the last two years. The song is addressed to those people without values who turn a blind eye to the changes caused by the pandemic worldwide and do not help their people. It aims to raise awareness of political and humanitarian values among those who listen to it.

Montecarlo Reggae Ellos Album Artwork

You have been working with iMusician for several releases now, how has your experience been?

The application has been excellent and, without a doubt, very practical and efficient compared to others. There are other services that don't have the same speed and efficiency as iMusician when it comes to assisting me with my releases. My respects!

What projects do you have for the coming months?

For 2022, Montecarlo Reggae will be boosted with new music from my personal project called Esencia Natural. It already has two tracks on the digital platforms called La conexión and Dame un tiempo. There will also be collaborations with different artists from the reggae scene and in general. Of course, I hope there will be more live events with my band: La Rastaband. So stay tuned, thanks for your support!

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