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Release of the Week: Casi Reptil

  • 11 August 2021, Wednesday
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Casi Reptil

Casi Reptil is a band from Zaragoza (Spain) that has recently released their EP "Todas las cosas grandes y pequeñas" (Ta-Ta Boom! Records) on digital platforms. Five songs of luminous pop, reminiscent of the best jangle pop and eighties synthesizers, proudly distributed by iMusician.

Casa Reptil Todas Las Cosas Grandes Pequenas Album Art

Tell us a little bit about who makes up Casi Reptil?

Casi Reptil is formed by Cristina Hidalgo (vocals and keyboards) Violeta Hernández (bass), Alberto Alastuey (drums) and Jesús Bravo (guitar and vocals). Our music moves between different pop atmospheres, light and dark landscapes, harmony, and sensitivity. We really enjoy playing together, both live and in the studio.

Can you tell us about the EP?

Our new EP is called Todas las cosas grandes y pequeñas and it has been recorded at Lar de Maravillas with Javier Vicente "Carasueño" (Big City, Bigott, Tulsa, Calavera, Alondra Bentley or Tachenko). They are five songs with a very careful sound, in which the production and recording process has generated a magnetic relationship between Javier and the band.

The songs on the EP tell, mostly, memories of our childhood or of our coexistence as a group. Things that we usually go back to as if they were our home and make us feel good. The songs have been mastered with love and care at Vacuum Mastering by Javier Roldón.

We have also presented two video clips made by Cristina (keyboardist and vocals): one of them is a 2D animation, with which we are very happy.

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How has been your journey on streaming and download platforms?

On Spotify we have our last two EPs Última imagen and Todas las cosas grandes y pequeñas. Streaming platforms are very convenient for the listener and for the band. You can move your music so that you can be heard anywhere and its possibilities are undeniable. However, you also miss that closer relationship with the listener who buys an album and has real and direct feedback of what they feel about your music.

What projects do you have for this year?

What we most want to do is to present the EP live, which will probably happen in November at La Lata de Bombillas in Zaragoza. Also to go out of our city to play and to be able to bring our music to people who may not have heard us. On the other hand, to continue composing and making new songs in the club.

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