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Release of the Week: Creciente

  • 22 April 2021, Thursday
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Release of the Week - Creciente

From the Argentine coast come Creciente, a band whose music reveres the folklore and customs of both ends of the Atlantic. Every beat of their music is rocked by the gentle but expressive waves of the ocean, as the cover of El Barquillero, their latest single distributed through iMusician, suggests.

We talked to the band to get to know them better as well as learn about what projects they having coming up for 2021.

Can you introduce us to your musical project?

Creciente is a band of what we could call "Argentine folk music". We have been working and researching since 2010 on what would be the genitive origin of what we know as "folklore". This is a constant search and is reflected in the lyrics and music. That search resulted in "mareo", a rhythmic cell that, as a product of sustained research on the soundscape of the Atlantic coast, has given a backbone to the creative axis of our songs.

What can you tell us about El barquillero?

El barquillero
is a peddler who goes around the beaches with a milk jar and a roulette wheel, which you spin, and luck will tell you how many wafers in the shape of a boat you will get. His roulette does not have a zero, so you may not do well but you will never lose. It is very representative of our coastal region (with origins in Spain) and I think we all remember the feeling of mystery when its wheel spins. Today there are very few barquilleros left, so this song is in a way our tribute to that almost extinct character.

Creciente Barquillero Cover Art

"El barquillero" by Creciente

Can you tell us a little bit about your journey on streaming and downloading platforms?

We are from the previous generation, so to speak, to the explosion of music through streaming.

Our first work, Mareo, was thought of as a traditional "album" format, with a thought-out sequence of songs and a certain concept. Services such as Spotify or Tidal we saw a little sideways, especially because here in Argentina they had not yet fully hit. When we uploaded our first album to the platforms, we began to soak up the possibilities and the different distribution concepts they handle. The pandemic also forced us to stop the ball and rethink our strategy of networks and streaming platforms. So this year we decided to release three singles starting with this version of El barquillero and, at the same time, lay the groundword for our next album.

What projects await you in 2021?

We continue with the "silent concert" format: a show with headphone amplification for the audience, an idea that emerged in this pandemic, which allows us to play in a courtyard in the middle of the city in perfect harmony with the neighborhood and outdoors, and in which the listener is absolutely immersed through the sound experience. In addition, this is leading us to new artistic and sonic processes inspired by the use of this technology.

On the other hand, we are already working on the pre-production of our next album, which we expect to release at the end of the year.

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