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Release of the Week: GLXY.P

  • 18 March 2021, Thursday
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GLXY.P Release of the Week

GLXY.P is an emerging third culture producer, composer, songwriter, and singer, currently based in Paris, France. She explores her cross-cultural connections and captures her very own multi-dimensional sound through her music - reminiscent of the sounds of 90s R&B, soul, lover's rock, hip-hop, as well as trap music.

GLXP.P Artist Photo

Her silky-smooth new single 'Raccoon' has been on rotation here for us so and we recently got her on the line to learn more about this up-and-coming artist:

What can you tell us about your inspirations and creative process for "Raccoon"?

My creative ideas usually come to me in waves or what I like to call bursts- it wasn’t much different when I came up with “Raccoon”. I’m not the most deliberate or methodical artist, I don’t really tend to follow one particular type of structure and construct. The song kind of just put itself together as I went along. It started out as a beat - I bump a lot of r&b so that was definitely the motor running the whole assembly line laid out for the track. I had been messing around on the guitar- it’s the only real instrument I used here - I recorded that first then decided that the rest of the components would move around that lead. There’s a real 90s vibe to the song, I wanted to bring out its unhurried, sensual and seductive essence. The lyrics make it your typical love song, I’ll be honest - I was inspired by my better half; we had just started hanging out and the words just seemed to blend into the song with the greatest of ease. I don’t always write from personal experience but it’s definitely what comes the most naturally to me.

What does it mean to be independent for you?

Being independent is probably what characterizes me best, musically speaking. I’m a producer, composer, songwriter, and singer. I like to have full control over my creative work, it can be difficult for me to work with others. Most the time, I like to keep my work as raw and unadulterated as possible, I’ll do things once and leave them as is. But there are limits to working on your own, I’m comfortable composing for instance but feel restricted where mixing is concerned. That’s where my better half comes in, he plays a major role in my music now, as he is also my engineer. We worked together on my song “Raccoon”, the track is mixed by him - he has a say when it comes to arrangements, he’s also an artist so he has great sensitivity and musical awareness, I trust his ears. We make a great team.

What do you have planned for 2021?

I just released “Raccoon”, next month I’ll be releasing another single right before dropping my mini-EP and music video, so you can expect that during the month of May. This single really is a prelude to the upcoming project; an introduction of myself as an artist. Come summertime I’ll be starting to develop my second EP. I’m excited. I really hope you’ll like what I do. Watch this space!

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