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Release of the Week: Dennis Kiss & The Sleepers

  • 13 April 2021, Tuesday
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Dennis Kiss and The Sleepers Press Photo

From the small Swiss town of Baden, Dennis Kiss & The Sleepers are on the rise. After making themselves widely heard with their singles Cecilia and Gin Tonic in recent months, the young band is now back with new music.

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We talked to the band about their new single Screens, the second single from their debut album due out this fall.

Can you briefly introduce yourselves and your project?

Dennis Kiss & The Sleepers, that's Curly, Andy, Nicos, and Dennis. All four of us are in our early twenties and live by the idea of drifting. I think that is reflected in our music as well.

Can you tell us something about your new album?

Our debut album will be called 'Poco Bono' and will be released this fall. It's about just that feeling of life, the deceleration, partial acceleration of life, and the lightness and heaviness of just being. Poco Bono is direct and honest, which was very important to all of us.

Dennis Kiss and the Sleepers Band Photo

What can you tell us about your experience with Spotify and the other streaming and download platforms?

Of course, it's practical and now indispensable to publish your music on Spotify and the like. However, we don't find it particularly romantic. It all happens so incredibly fast and there is so much music available. What exactly we should think of all this, we don't really know ourselves. But it would certainly be a start if Spotify would finally pay its artists properly.

What are your plans for 2021?

There will be a few more singles, then our debut album 'Poco Bono' in the fall, and hopefully some more shows. Fingers crossed.

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