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Artist of the Month (Jan. 2021) - What Josephine Saw

  • 07 January 2021, Thursday

After 9 years of band history and four studio albums, "A Matter Of Time" is our last album. After the first three albums were studio productions, "A Matter Of Time" is a home production.

In our Spotify bio we wrote about it:

"All the songs were written, recorded, and produced in a bedroom, located in a skyscraper in the heart of Zurich's suburbs. A bedroom is a place where we can find peace, where we show ourselves to be vulnerable, and where we experience the most intimidating moments. All those feelings, all those moments have created our new music."

What Josephine Saw Band Photo in studio

After we decided with a heavy heart that we would no longer continue the band, as we would like to devote ourselves more to new and other challenges, it was important to us that we do not say goodbye to our fans without a bang. With the album, we wanted to celebrate the farewell and the wonderful, almost 9-year band history properly. So the new and last release doesn't feel like a funeral, but rather like a big closing party!

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