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Release of the Week: Decolar Em Si

  • 27 January 2022, Thursday
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Amandi Cortez iMusician

Songs about love are beautiful, but sometimes it's in sadness where we find our greatest inspiration.

In his new release, “Decolar Em Si”, the musician Amandi translates into sound the story of a relationship that is coming to an end.

“Decolar Em Si” has very powerful lyrics. What did you want to express with it?

The final stage of a relationship is always complicated. We often find ourselves in a sentimental labyrinth, not knowing where to go. We want to get rid of this scenario, but we are afraid of uncertainty, of what will come next. This song speaks of a love that did not cease to exist, but which has been transformed, and no longer fits in its lovers' lives. It talks about learning to fly again, even though some falls may occur in the process. It's about loving yourself first, being open to live new experiences.

What was the inspiration?

For me, music is about what we're feeling. Nobody is happy or in love all the time... Music precisely has this power to relate to those who listen to it, to show a new horizon and to motivate us. When I wrote it, I wanted “Decolar Em Si” to inspire other people.

Decolar em Si

The "música de sofrência" (a term coined for songs that talk about sadness related to love) has been gaining a lot of space in Brazil. What do you attribute this to?

I believe that this kind of music has always existed here, but it was more associated with the sertanejo genre. This type of music started to gain more attention with artists of great renown who made their careers take off in this genre. An example is the brilliant Marília Mendonça, who unfortunately left us recently and was one of the pioneering women to sing on this theme. She knew how to portray love in her compositions like no one else. She spoke of emotional disappointments, of recovering and, above all, of not accepting less than we deserve.

How was your creation process?

My creation process usually happens when I write something I'm experiencing at that moment. Then I look at that words and think about what it might become. Sometimes I feel like it's poetry, sometimes I feel like a song must come from there. Then I start to create the melody, make the adjustments, rewrite, write more. It's an acceptance process, like if the music was there all the time and I just had to find it.

Amandi Cortez iMusician Lançamento

What is it like to be an independent artist these days?

There was a time, I would say around 2000 to 2010, when it was very complicated for us musicians. We were going through a big transformation, the record companies were going bankrupt and we didn't know what was going to happen. Many of my songs that were composed at that time were kept in the drawer and, only now, are coming to life.

Over the years, digital was gaining ground and producing music became more accessible. Today we have recording media that do not require large investments and, with the help of partners like iMusician, we can make our music available on digital platforms worldwide. I believe that we are evolving towards a scenario where making music available is increasingly democratic.

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