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Artist spotlight

Release of the Week: Satin Cali

  • 10 February 2021, Wednesday
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Band photo of Satin Cali - Release of the Week

Hailing from Wollongong, NSW, the exciting four-piece band Satin Cali exhale a perfect blend of alternative and surf rock inspired by the passion and unrelenting attitude towards making great music they all live and breathe.

Satin Cali Preacher Album Cover Art

We caught up with the band, fresh off the success of their debut single ‘Orange’, to learn about their newest release “Preacher”:

What can you tell us about your inspirations and creative process for "Preacher"?

‘Preacher’ is a song that we had for quite some time before it became what it is now. The whole process was super organic and natural. We originally had the guitar riff and was something Isaac would start most jam sessions off with as a warm up for the band to loosen up too. After jamming it for a few weeks, Zac started finding a vocal melody that bounced off the riff perfectly and after about 5 minutes of lyric writing, we had the song done, which has not actually changed to this day. We still play it the same way we did that session and have just as much enjoyment each time.

The original inspiration for this song came from an interview Dave Grohl did years ago, that we watched talking about how UK crowds differ to American crowds. He explained that the UK scene literally ‘bounce’ the whole time at shows, rather then conventional moshing like Americans do. This sparked an idea, and Preacher it is our attempt at creating a song you can bounce to.

Satin Cali Band Photo

What does it mean to be independent for you?

Being an independent band, is something we cherish deeply right now. Having the ability to move at our own pace and have the freedom to be as creative as we possibly can be is an element to music and this industry that keeps the fire alive for us. This started as something we used as a way to escape reality and do not want to lose sense of that. Although, we would not be opposed to exploring other options and avenues as we progress.

What do you have planned for 2021?

2021 will hopefully have more live shows and consistency of live shows being played. We have big plans for releasing as many tracks as possible this year with our first dropping February 12th and if everything goes to plan, dropping new music every couple of weeks after that. We used a lot of our time in 2020 setting ourselves up for a huge 2021 and so far it is all moving along as expected. Our main goal is and always has been to entertain and bring as much joy to people as we can in a unique way and we do not plan on stopping that. We will be thinking well and truly outside of the box for ideas of how to involve more people in Satin Cali and we will be sure to let you know when it happens.

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