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Artist spotlight

Release of the Week: SudOut

  • 20 August 2021, Friday
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Sudout Release of the Week

SudOut is a boy band born by chance in a bar in Cerignola, Italy. Influenced by the new-gen K-pop Koreans, the band has extrapolated various musical techniques, merging with three essential principles - sarcasm, irony, storytelling - with which they address important social issues. We sat down with SudOut this week for an interview, fresh from the release of their latest single: "Sudout"!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and the musical project?

The SudOut project was born as a result of the monotony of our city partly determined by the quarantine, which allowed us to spend more time in the studio rather than on the street. At some point, the atmosphere made us start rapping, even those who had never done it before, and in our opinion, this has contributed to creating an innovative wave that consists of a mix of popular slang impact and more classic technique of some of the components.

Our goal is to convey in the lyrics the everyday life of Cerignola, a southern city with all its problems and dynamics.

What does it mean for you to be young independent artists today?

Our group is transversal and is therefore formed by elements all different from each other. As mentioned before, for some of us this is the first experience in the world of music, while others already have a past as independent artists. What we have in common is that we see this project as the first real opportunity for a musical career and all the enthusiasm that comes with it.

Being independent allows us to not be censored in any way, and to be able to bring to 100% of the themes that distinguish us, even the crudest, without filters.

Sudout album artwork

How has your relationship with streaming platforms, Spotify and others, been so far?

Thanks to iMusician, it's very convenient to publish music to streaming platforms. We immediately fell in love with its ease of use and support team. We especially focus on spotify since, in addition to being the most used it is also the one we use daily for listening. This leads us to know more about its dynamics.

What are your musical plans and aspirations for 2021?

Our goal is to go platinum, but just because the year is almost over ;)

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