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Digital Music Distribution

Sell your music online with iMusician and reach hundreds of international shops, including iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Beatport, Spotify, and many more.

A basic pay-per-release package with one store for artists who are just getting started

An affordable, pay-per-release package that includes all shops - perfect for budget-minded artists

A pay-per-release package with add-ons tailored
for artists and labels with high sales volume.

A flat-rate, yearly subscription designed for labels and artists with high-volume release schedules.


Single 1-3 tracks
Single 1-3 tracks
Single 1-3 tracks
Single 1-3 tracks
EP 4-7 tracks
EP 4-7 tracks
EP 4-7 tracks
EP 4-7 tracks
Album 8+ tracks
Album 8+ tracks
Album 8+ tracks
Album 8+ tracks


pay once
No annual renewal fees Pay once, in stores forever
money pot
No minimum required payout You can withdraw the total balance
A bar chart
ISRCs and Barcodes (EAN) included with every order
Open letter icon
E-mail support within 24 business hours
Phone with message bubble icon
Phone support within 24 business hours
YouTube logo
YouTube Content ID Monetize your music
starting at
starting at
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Premium Label Registration Upgrade with your own label name

If your Pro Unlimited plan expires, it moves to the Regular plan. You pay no additional fees. Your music stays online, you still earn royalties, and you can still withdraw your money. We only charge a 15% commission for the service.


Truck with clock icon
Regular delivery 2 weeks
Truck icon
Express delivery 1 week
per release
per release
Clock icon
Priority Delivery 48 hours
per release
per release
per release
per release


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Artist PRO Promote your music
per release
per release
per release
Including 10 tools
  • Custom Pricing
  • Pre-Order
  • Promo Player
  • Artist Profile
  • QR Code
  • Instant Gratification Pre Listening
  • Lyrics
  • Booklet
  • Label Page on Beatport
  • "Save-It now!" Page on Spotify

Delivery options

Working on a tight timeline? No problem! Upgrade and choose faster delivery options, including Express (1 week) or Priority (48 working hours)

Express delivery — 1 week

Get your release online within 5 business days

Starter, Regular
Per release
Included in
  • Rockstar
  • Pro Unlimited

Priority Delivery

Get your release online in 2 to 4 business days

Starter, Regular
Per release
Rockstar, Pro Unlimited
Per release

Artist Pro

Artist Pro

Turbo charge your promotional campaigns with this full suite of professional promotional tools.

Starter, Regular & Rockstar
Per release
Pro Unlimited
Per release
Including 10 tools
  • Custom pricing
  • Pre-order
  • Artist profile
  • QR Code
  • Instant gratification pre listening
  • Lyrics
  • Booklet
  • Label page on Beatport
  • “Save-It Now” page on Spotify

Discounted Release Packages

Ready to release? Buy a package and save up to 15% off the individual pricing! Each one is designed based on proven release strategies used by our team every day.

The EP Builder

Build momentum for an EP launch: 2 singles and an EP at 30% off

The Spotify Special

Lock in the perfect Spotify strategy: Release a single a month for a year. Good for all stores and platforms.

The Classic

Grow your momentum and fanbase for an album release over a year with 6 singles, 3 EPs, and an album.

The Label

Get unlimited releases everywhere, anytime. Purchase 2 years of our popular Pro Unlimited plan and save 15% off the full price.

iMusician English Customer Support

Artist & Label Support

Have a question? We've got an answer. Check our support center to get help right now with common questions. If you still can't find an answer, send us an email, and our Artist & Label Relations team will get back to you within 24 working hours.


How can we help you?

You're in safe hands

  • Swiss company established in 2013;
  • Helped over 100,000 artists;
  • Deliver more than 6,000 releases a month;
  • Simple terms and conditions;
  • More time to focus on what you do best – making music;
  • Own your data and cancel whenever you want;
  • Take down your release from the shops anytime, free of charge.


  • Dedicated customer support in five languages;
  • Real people answer in your own language, within one working day;


  • Sell in all major online platforms;
  • Sell in 200+ smaller niche and local shops to reach your fans everywhere;
  • Access genre specific shops like Beatport and Tidal, Hi-Res-audio shops like Qobuz and special services like Shazam;
  • Free ISRC and barcodes for your release.

Earnings and royalties

  • Request a payout via PayPal or bank transfer as soon as you received your income;
  • No minimum payout amount needed.


  • Pay only once per release;
  • Choose your commission level;
  • No recurring annual fee for your release.

….Or choose Pro Unlimited subscription and:

  • Pay a flat annual fee and publish unlimited releases;
  • We take 0% commission of your net income;
  • Free customer service on the phone and many more free services;
  • No take down fees if you decide to cancel.
  1. Audio files
  2. Artwork
  3. Metadata

Audio files

In what format do I upload my music to iMusician?

We only accept WAV files 44.1 - 88.2 - 96 kHz, 16 - 24 bit

What's the maximum size per track I can upload?

The maximum size for a track is 1 GB.


Many shops, including Apple Music (iTunes) and Spotify, have very strict policies on artwork they will accept to be sold or streamed from their site. If your artwork does not meet their standards, we will be unable to distribute your release. To ensure your release complies, be sure to follow the guidelines, below.

Cover artwork, do's and don't's

The artwork must meet the following requirements:

  • minimum 3000 x 3000 pixels;
  • JPG or PNG and sharp when viewing it on 100%;
  • RGB colour mode.


  • We recommend adding the artist name and the release title on your artwork especially if you use an artist picture or generic landscape pictures.
  • The artist name and the release title do not have to be added on artistic works.

We do not accept:

  • blurry and pixelated images;
  • website URLs;
  • social network symbols;
  • email addresses;
  • pornographic images;
  • copyrighted images.

To help you, we’ve created a PDF with artwork guidelines. You can use this for your own reference, or share it with your graphic designer. Download it here .


In order to deliver your music to the platforms, we need you to list the artists performing in your release and the composers. Check our article Who are the contributors and what roles and credits can I give on my release?

Please note that iTunes and other shops also display the copyright owners.

We offer 3 different delivery options to port your music to the platforms:

  • Standard delivery (2 weeks): Free for all release plans;
  • Express delivery (1 week): €20 for Starter and Regular; free for Rockstar and Pro Unlimited;
  • Priority delivery (2 to 4 business days): € 40 for Starter and Regular; € 10 for Rockstar and Pro Unlimited.

We are happy that you’re considering redistributing your music with us.

Before you do that, please contact your current distributor and ask them to take down your content from all stores, since moving your content while it’s live is not possible.

After this has happened, you can create your releases once more with us.

Don't forget to insert your original ISRC codes when you upload your release on iMusician, in order to keep all your stats and playlist entries.

For a label switch on Beatport please consult the Online Shops category.

No, you can’t distribute your release with another digital distributor at the same time, but you can use a different digital distributor for other releases.

Couldn’t find what you are looking for? Our support team will answer all your question!

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