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Release of the Week: Settian

  • 20 May 2021, Thursday
Settian Artist Photo in Red

In the midst of a turbulent year, we have found ourselves constantly turning to music for guidance. This week we discovered Colombian artist Settian and his new song S.O.S, a musical portrait of the situation his home country of Colombia is going through, painted with rhymes and urban beats. If you like J Balvin or Reykon, you shouldn't miss this artist from Medellín.

We had the chance to chat with Settian to learn more about him and his music:

Who is Settian?

A young dreamer traveling the roads of music in order to contribute to the genre and the growth of the industry with the goal of leaving a great legacy.

Can you introduce us to your musical project?

My project is focused on making music with urban and Caribbean rhythms with a commercial purpose, adding valuable content so that people of all ages, young and old, can enjoy my music. For music there are no borders.

Settian SOS Album Artwork

Portada de «S.O.S»

Listen to "S.O.S" on your favorite platform

Can you tell us about S.O.S.?

This song is inspired by the difficult situation my country (Colombia) is going through, and since I am living abroad, I wanted to raise a small voice of encouragement and hope for my entire nation.

How has your experience with Spotify and other streaming and download platforms been?

For me, it has been very interesting, since I have the great possibility that through them my talent, I can be exposed to a worldwide audience.

What projects await you in 2021?

I am working on music with different sounds in order to continue to make the public fall in love more and more. We are also venturing into new markets so that my project lasts over time.

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