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The New New German Wave Playlist | Curated by Jogger

The New German Wave is experiencing an exciting renaissance with a variety of talented bands reinterpreting the spirit of the 80s with modern sounds. Our playlist showcases the latest hits and most promising DIY artists of the New German Wave who inspire with their unique sounds and innovative approaches.

The New New German Wave Playlist | Curated by Jogger - iMusician

Discover the exciting world of the New German Wave with our carefully curated playlist. From emerging bands to established musicians, this compilation offers a fresh perspective on the genre, curated by JOGGER, an expert in the contemporary German music scene.

Ready to explore the new New German Wave? Click below to listen to our playlist and be inspired by the exciting sounds of current New German Wave bands. Get ready to dive into the world of German music and experience the stars of tomorrow!

Are you an aspiring artist in the world of the New German Wave, eager to be heard? Then this is your chance to be featured in our unique playlist! Send us your songs and apply for a spot in our one-of-a-kind playlist. We look forward to hearing your music and accompanying you on your journey to becoming a New German Wave star!

About the Curator

Behind JOGGER is the artist Florian Nikolai from Berlin. His solo project, with its blurred vocals and Lo-Fi sounds, is reminiscent of the New German Wave, New Wave, and Postpunk, without adhering to common genre patterns. The debut album BRD NOIR from 2022 creates a space where diversity and free thinking are central. The concept album, produced by JOGGER in his own four walls, takes listeners to a metaphorical bar where they never feel alone between bar noises and euphoric dreams. Now, with STRONG, JOGGER's second album is released. Driven by the deep desire to create an honest and authentic atmosphere, the new album also follows the DIY punk ethos. STRONG is not an anthem to self-improvement, but rather dedicates itself to self-pity, which contains illuminating growth as a profound form of self-love. The album will be released in autumn 2024 by CUT SURFACE.

What to expect in our New German Wave Playlist?

  • New German Wave Playlist: Immerse yourself in a selection of current NDW hits that represent the heart of this musical movement.
  • Diverse selection of bands: Discover a wide range of talented independent artists who continue the legacy of the New German Wave, punk, and New Wave in their own unique way.
  • Curated by Jogger: Our playlist was personally curated by Jogger, a renowned expert in the German music scene, to ensure you only hear the best and most current New German Wave songs.
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