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i’M JAZZ | Jazz playlist with music from independent artists curated by Armel Dupas

Follow this playlist and submit your music to this captivating collection of independent jazz music from around the world, curated with love and care by French pianist Armel Dupas.

Im jazz playlist - Armel Dupas

Jazz, a genre invented by African-American communities in the late 19th century, has been and remains a highly influential genre across the world. Cornetist Buddy Bolden (1877 - 1931) is oftentimes credited as the first jazz musician. Other highly important individuals who deserve to be honored and commemorated are Scott Joplin, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong and Lil Hardin Armstrong, or Ma Rainey.

Dive into the world of enchanting melodies and soulful improvisations with our carefully curated playlist, "i'M JAZZ." This playlist is a celebration of independent jazz artists, bringing you a unique and captivating collection of jazz tunes that will elevate your musical experience.

Does your music match the sound of our playlist? Submit your tracks through the form below to get featured and heard by our independent community and beyond.


Do you have questions when it comes to our playlist submission process?

There are no limitations! If you cannot decide which track from your release would best fit the vibe of the playlist, feel free to submit multiple tracks.

There are no limitations! In case you're not sure which playlist your track is best fit for, feel free to submit your track to multiple playlists.

We usually update our playlists once per month. If you can't find your track in the following playlist update please try it again with your next release and don't take it personally – human beings curate our playlists and you maybe haven't met the curator's taste. Since we're receiving a vast number of submissions we cannot contact you in case you're submission was unsuccessful.

About the curator

Armel Dupas is a multifaceted musician. A pianist and a composer appreciated for his melodies and the softness of his touch, he is also an intermediary between the world of artistic creation, well-being, and a new idea of a social and solidary economy applied to music. His journey as an artist and as a human has brought him, at the threshold of his 40th birthday, to reevaluate the concept of the concert rather as a rendezvous of souls and energies. An artist closely connected to his audience, Armel excels in the art of performance, sharing anecdotes and pieces of life like multiple keys to his music.

Why Choose "i'M JAZZ"?

Soulful Jazz Explorations

Immerse yourself in the soulful explorations of independent jazz artists. "i'M JAZZ" takes you on a journey through a diverse range of jazz styles, from classic standards to contemporary interpretations, all crafted by talented independent musicians.

An Unforgettable Jazz Experience

Whether you're a jazz aficionado or a newcomer to the genre, "i'M JAZZ" promises an unforgettable experience. Discover hidden gems and experience the true essence of jazz as you explore this handpicked selection of tracks.

Submit Your Jazz Masterpiece

Are you an independent jazz artist with a masterpiece waiting to be heard? Submit your track to "i'M JAZZ" through the form above and become part of a playlist that shines a spotlight on the brilliance of independent jazz musicians.

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