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i'M On The Road | Independent Road Trip Songs

Looking for the best independent road trip songs for your driving experience? We have you covered! Listen and follow "i'M On The Road | Independent Road Trip Songs"

Im on the road playlist imusician

Embark on an exhilarating musical journey with our handpicked selection of independent road trip songs. "i'M ON THE ROAD" is the ultimate driving playlist, featuring a curated collection of car travel songs by talented independent artists. Whether you're cruising through picturesque landscapes or hitting the open highway, let these tracks be the perfect accompaniment to your road trip adventure.

How to Submit Your Music:

Becoming part of the "i'M ON THE ROAD" experience is simple. Fill out the form below and pitch your road trip track to our curators.

Why Choose "i'M ON THE ROAD"?

  • Diverse Road Trip Anthems: Our playlist is a treasure trove of road trip songs, carefully chosen to keep your spirits high and your journey memorable. From indie rock anthems to acoustic ballads, "i'M ON THE ROAD" offers a diverse range of tracks to enhance your driving playlist.

  • Fuel Every Mile: Each song in our playlist is designed to fuel every mile of your road trip. Elevate your driving experience with the energetic beats and captivating melodies from independent artists who bring a fresh perspective to the road.

  • Submit Your Track and Shine: Are you an independent artist with a road trip anthem waiting to be heard? Submit your track to be featured on "i'M ON THE ROAD" and let your music take center stage in playlists curated for road trip enthusiasts.

Join the Driving Playlist Revolution

"i'M ON THE ROAD" is not just a playlist; it's a community of independent artists and road trip enthusiasts celebrating the joy of discovery. Play a driving playlist that resonates with your adventurous spirit and brings a new dimension to your road trip experience.

Don't miss out on the chance to be part of the ultimate driving playlist. Submit your track now and let your music become the anthem for adventurers on the open road. "i'M ON THE ROAD" - where every mile is a musical adventure!


Do you have questions when it comes to our playlist submission process?

There are no limitations! If you cannot decide which track from your release would best fit the vibe of the playlist, feel free to submit multiple tracks.

There are no limitations! In case you're not sure which playlist your track is best fit for, feel free to submit your track to multiple playlists.

We usually update our playlists once per month. If you can't find your track in the following playlist update please try it again with your next release and don't take it personally – human beings curate our playlists and you maybe haven't met the curator's taste. Since we're receiving a vast number of submissions we cannot contact you in case you're submission was unsuccessful.

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