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Think DistroKid is the cheapest option for distribution? Think again.

With annual recurring fees and additional charges for essential add-ons, the cost of distribution grows exponentially over time.

With iMusician, you only pay once to keep your music in over 200 online stores forever.

No annual fees. No takedown fees. Your first payment is your only payment and you keep 100% of your royalties.

Finding the right digital distributor to release your music is extremely important. With a wide variety of independent music distribution companies to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming. There are so many topics artists need to consider when finding the right fit: pricing, available streaming platforms, YouTube monetization, marketing tools, customer support, and so much more.

To help relieve the pressure, we’ve decided to show you why we believe iMusician is the best choice for DIY musicians. This page gives you an easy-to-read, informative breakdown of the differences between DistroKid and iMusician — covering the most important subjects independent artists need to think about.

DistroKid VS iMusician Comparison

How is iMusician better than DistroKid?

Fees paid for one album with 100% royalties* *with iMusician Rockstar pack
DistroKid vs iMusician Logo


0% commission. Banking/taxes are applicable.

YouTube Monetization

Fee per release plus 20% of your revenue.

Cover Distribution

$12 annual fee per cover

Add platforms to distribution

$7.95 annual fee

Customer support

FAQs – queries will be answered after submitting a request.


Basic CSV reports. No graphs.

iMusician Logo


0% commission. Banking/taxes are applicable.

YouTube Monetization

From €0.80

Cover Distribution


*Authorization is needed for musicians in the USA. Further details can be found here.

Add platforms to distribution


Customer support

Receive personal customer support within 24 hours, in your language.


In-depth reporting and analytics – daily trend charts; streams, downloads, YouTube sales overview, and more.

What are the downsides of using DistroKid?

Add-on prices quickly escalate

At first glance, DistroKid does look like the cheaper option at $19.99 per year for unlimited distribution. Although, this option is missing some vital features, such as determining your release dates — a feature you have to pay extra for. DistroKid leverages important features that are essential for developing artists, making you spend more in the long run. iMusician prides itself on its upfront and honest payment plans.

Pay to stay online and receive royalties

If you stop paying your DistroKid subscription, all your music will be removed from the streaming platforms and music stores where it’s featured, and you stop receiving any royalties. More additional add-on fees are the only way to fix it. iMusician is different. If you want to take your music down, it can be removed at any time, free of charge. If that’s not the case – pay us once and your music stays online, and your royalties keep coming in, for life!

Costs pile up for YouTube monetization

On top of taking a 20% cut on your YouTube monetization, DistroKid will also charge you per release. iMusician provides YouTube monetization from only €0.80 per track, and royalties come directly to you. No commission necessary.

Pay extra to get new streaming platforms

When new stores or platforms are added to DistroKid’s distribution network, your music will only be made available if you pay for their ‘Store Maximizer’ — another extra yearly fee of $7.95. iMusician distributes to over 250 online shops, and there are no extra costs when that number goes up.

Covers cost more

If you’ve perfected your dance floor version of “Blinding Lights” and want to release it to the world, with DistroKid pricing, you’ll be paying an annual $12 fee for the privilege. Even if you have a license to distribute your cover, there’s still no escaping that extra cost. $12 per year, per cover. It costs nothing to distribute a cover with iMusician. Authorization will be needed for musicians in the USA, but no additional cost will be added.

Artist analytics cost extra

If you want to progress your music career, you’re going to need in-depth analytics. This data can be used to inform and inspire artists’ marketing for future releases, tour dates, and more. Unless you’re paying for one of its premium plans, DistroKid’s analytics just don’t cut it.

Why Should I Choose iMusician?

Spotify Apple Beatport iMusician Logos

Registration is free

It’s important that you find a digital distributor that works not only for your music but for you as an artist, too. Register with iMusician for free, and you can walk through the platform’s features, getting a better understanding of what we offer, and whether it’s a good fit.

vinyl record

No paperwork, no contracts

What you see is what you get with iMusician. You can cancel your subscription at any time without worrying about extra costs and hassle.

Fit for every step of your career

Whether you’re an artist just finding your feet or a label that is firing out a full catalog of tracks, we have a pricing plan that is right for you. If you’re just getting started, you’ll love our more affordable plans. As your career grows, easily upgrade to a plan with 0% commission. Over 200,000 independent musicians and record labels choose iMusician to sell, manage, and monetize their music globally. iMusician is not just a distributor, it’s a community.

Pay once, be online forever

If you release a single, EP, or album with iMusician, it will be streaming and in stores for however long you want. Keep your music in stores and collect your hard-earned cash, with no risk of hidden annual fees. And if you do choose to take your music down, we never charge a takedown fee.

Get your music on hi-res and electronic stores

With more than 200 stores and streaming platforms around the globe, iMusician is a great choice for electronic musicians and producers. If your fans prefer to download hi-res files of your tracks rather than stream them, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Odyssee in a record store

Ideal for independent labels and growing artists

Sign up for free label registration, or existing Independent labels can select our unique tariff — Pro Unlimited. This option allows you to distribute as much music as you want without any additional costs. All the income and royalties go where they should: directly to you.

A Pile of USD Bills

Payouts — No minimum requirement

As soon as you receive your sales report, you can withdraw the cash. Regardless of the amount, you can get your money via PayPal or bank transfer. Simple and easy.

Youtube Monetization Meta Image Showing NINETOFIVE YouTube Channel

YouTube monetization made easy

iMusician offers users the chance to monetize the use of their music in videos, from only €0.80 per track. If your track appears in an ad, a compilation, or is uploaded by another member of the YouTube community, royalties come directly to you. If you have your own artist channel, you can demonetize it in order to avoid the presence of ads, allowing your fans to listen to your music without interruption. With iMusician, you can make money on YouTube from any video that contains your copyrighted sound recordings, regardless of your subscriber or view count.

Awesome analytics

Data has become a huge part of the modern music industry, and when it comes to streams and earnings, you’re going to want to know every detail. iMusician provides visual graphs and in-depth information on important sales data via your personal dashboard. Crunch the numbers regarding your best performing music stories, stream and download count, revenue amount, and more.


How can we help?

That’s a hard question to answer: every digital distributor offers different solutions in different ways. iMusician strives to bring all the topics that are important to up-and-coming artists and musicians into one easy-to-use distribution platform.

This question is a lot easier to answer. No, DistroKid can’t master your music. But iMusician can — check it out.

Unless you pay an additional annual fee, DistroKid will remove all your music from streaming platforms and music stores. You will also have to pay a yearly fee to keep receiving your royalties. Once you’ve paid iMusician, your music will be available forever, and your royalties will keep topping up your account. No annual fees. No takedown fees.

Still on the fence? Hear what some other artists and musicians say about us!

Newmaj Artist Photo
1 / 6

"After floating between several different distributors, I was delighted to discover iMusician! Their interface looks great and is incredibly easy to use. Their customer support is brilliant - I've received quick, friendly and helpful responses every single time. The one-off payment model means my music stays in stores forever without having to worry about yearly subscription fees. Overall, I have felt supported and positive throughout the whole process."


DLJ Artist Photo
2 / 6

"I had a few email exchanges with the French managers of iMusician who guided me through the first months for my releases. They gave me the necessary tools to succeed from the start and after some months, I quickly understood that it was possible to make a living from my music"


Danielle Duval in front of a blue wall
3 / 6

"iMusician is a unique music distribution company that specializes in the kind of careful, conscious, hands-on involvement with the artists they distribute in a way that is uber rare in today's climate. In a saturated world where putting out independent music can be daunting and overwhelming; the young, hip, passionate, personable, and approachable music-marketing-guru iMusician staff make putting out music a career building adventure."

Danielle Duval

4 / 6

"Working with iMusician felt good for us right from the start, so we release our music exclusively through iMusician. We have a personal contact person who knows our music and requirements very well and who supports us professionally at all times."


the band Baba Shrimps in a field
5 / 6

"iMusician fits our dynamic release strategy, has a team of competent professionals and impresses with a reliable and transparent service."

Baba Shrimps

Odyssee in a record store
6 / 6

"It's important for me to know the people I'm working with, even more if they distribute my music. That's what I like with iMusician: the team is very friendly and their door is always open to help artists, receive feedback, and enhance their services."



Something for everyone


Beginner or Pro, as you develop as an artist or label, easily switch to a different price plan to suit your needs

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All Releases Include

  • Free ISRC and barcodes
  • Monthly sales reports
  • Daily trend charts of your streams and downloads
  • Personal customer support in your language
  • Free cancellation at any time
  • You retain all rights to your music

Labels we work with

From afrobeat to zydeco, and every genre in between, we work with hundreds of labels around the world to ensure their releases get placed in popular shops and platforms in their own country and beyond.

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